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Gu Xijiu always felt that her muscles and veins had not fully opened up yet, so she thought that the Cangyan spring water was very suitable for her.

As they needed someone to be the mediator, Prince Long agreed to be the one under the request of three ladies. When the compet.i.tion began, both Gu Xijiu and Le Jiajun started to get busy.

When Gu Xijiu took out the alchemy furnace, Le Jiajun was surprised, "Is this the one from my sister?"

"It is mine now." Gu Xijiu answered.

Le Jiajun stunned for a moment, "Yes, it is now yours."

Prince Long was also curious and worried about her, "Chong Sheng, I know that it is always better for the refining pharmacist to use an alchemy furnace that he or she is familiar with. Since you just got it, I am afraid that you might still not be familiar with using it yet."

In fact, Prince Long did not believe that Gu Xijiu would win the match.

She looked like a 16 or 17-year-old kid. With such a good Qing Gong, she must have majored in martial arts instead of refinery skills. Hence, he doubted the quality of her refinery skills.

How could she compare with specialists in the industry like Le Jiajun?

Moreover, she wanted to use an alchemy furnace that was new to her. It definitely could not work well, and in this case, she would lose the match.

Gu Xijiu waved and said casually, "This is just nice."

Prince Long was speechless.

Was it because she knew that she would lose the match, so she purposely acted like this to look better even if she lost?

The Firmament Stone was uneasy too. It was even more worried than Gu Xijiu and kept paying attention to their actions.

"Master, she is more skillful than you."

"Master, her alchemy furnace is better than yours. I think you should use the eighth-grade alchemy furnace that you won from Rong Chu. You might have bigger chance to win if you use that."


"Shut up!" Gu Xijiu growled.

She needed peace and calmness when she refined medicine. It was the same for Le Jiajun who did not even look at Gu Xijiu during the refining process. However, Tan Xiaoge, who was also knowledgeable in medicine refinery, watched their refinery processes very clearly.

She had been partnered with Le Jiajun for so many years, so she was able to know that there would be a few fourth graded medicines in this refinery process.

Apparently, Le Jiajun wanted to show off in front of Prince Long, so she was extra careful and concentrated on every step to make it perfect. Based on Tan Xiaoge's estimation, there would be one-fourth graded medicine and more than three third graded medicines from this process.

It was challenging to refine a high-grade medicine. Even a fourth graded refining pharmacist could not guarantee fourth graded medicine every time. It was considered very successful if one could produce three fourth graded medicines out of 10 attempts.

She also carefully observed Gu Xijiu. This lady was using her alchemy furnace that she knew well enough that it was not as good as the one used by Le Jiajun. Even the skill that she possessed was not as good as Le Jiajun's. Although Gu Xijiu was not using the same process, she could still tell the proficiency of the pharmacist from the whole process.

Upon observation, she was confident that her sister was going to win the match. As per Tan Xiaoge's expectation, when both of them opened their furnaces, Le Jiajun produced one fourth-grade, three third-grade, and five second-grade medicines.

Gu Xijiu produced only one third-grade medicine with the remaining either first or second graded medicines. Obviously, Gu Xijiu lost the match.

Le Jiajun laughed happily, "Miss Chong Sheng, you have lost the match!"

Gu Xijiu replied while cleaning the alchemy furnace, "Yes I lost the first match. The winner needs to win two matches. We might still have two games to go."

"I don't think we need the third game. My sister will win the second match. We will not let you waste such precious herbs." Tan Xiaoge gloated.

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