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The King of Snow Lizards saw a target when Prince Long appeared in its sights. It was in the midst of the madness, and now finally it found its punching bag. It roared and charged towards Prince Long!

When it attacked, it blew a strong wind first. Before it hit Prince Long, his clothes were already torn.

"Leave me alone! Run!" Gu Xijiu shouted. At the same time, she raised her hand and issued a fire flame to shoot at the b.u.t.t of the creature.

Her spiritual fire-blasting power was relatively weak as it was not even level two. Thus, the flame that she fired did not hurt the creature but only irritated it which triggered its anger. It immediately turned back and ran towards Gu Xijiu!

Prince Long was stunned by what he was witnessing. Suddenly, he was pulled by Shang Qing, "My Prince, she should be okay. Let’s go first!"


Inside an iceberg.

This place was about 20 to 30 miles away from the area where they plucked the Ice Shura Flowers. They could not hear the roaring of the King of Snow Lizards anymore. Fortunately, it did not chase after them.

Prince Long and the team decided to rest at this place. According to Le Jiajun and her sister, they should move another 30 to 40 miles away to ensure that they had completely gotten rid of the danger. However, Prince Long did not agree and insisted on stopping at this place.

Since he was the boss of the team, everyone needed to listen to him.

Shan Qing checked his surroundings to see if there was any movement. He thought that this place was already safe enough, so he found a place nearby to rest. On the other hand, Prince Long was worried and kept wandering around. Le Jiajun was a bit angry, but she did not dare to show it. Thus, she tried to switch topic, "My Prince, we need to refine the medicine immediately. Why don’t you take the plants out and we start the process here." When she finished her sentence, she took out her alchemy furnace.

Indeed, this was important as it was the primary purpose of them coming here. Although the prince did not feel good, he took out eight Ice Shura Flowers and handed them to her, "You can refine these first."

Le Jiajun was slightly surprised, "I remembered that you had plucked around 20 plants." Her eyesight was sharp enough to see it. Also, she put all her focus on the prince just now so she could see everything he did.

"The rest of the 12 plants belong to that lady." Prince Long answered very briefly. Le Jiajun frowned, "I remember that there were 30 to 40 plants. If it is 60/40 split, we should get around 14 plants."

"Those that were not plucked cannot be counted."

Le Jiajun immediately replied, "She did not follow us, and she might not be joining us anymore. Why are you so serious about it?"

Finally, Prince Long seriously looked at Le Jiajun and said, "A real man keeps his word. Do you want me to be the person who breaks his promise?"

Le Jiajun stifled. When she wanted to reply, a shadow could be seen along with and a cold chuckle, "Prince Long is indeed a trustworthy person!"

Suddenly the lady with a bearskin cloak appeared in front of them.

She took out a box with a dozen Ice Shura Flowers, "I have collected the remaining plants. Fortunately, I did not damage any of them. Now we can split them again."

Everyone looked at Gu Xijiu as though they had seen a monster!

This lady could collect the remaining plants while she was fighting with the King of Snow Lizards. It was such a fantastic skill! They finally understood why she dared to come to this ice field alone. Evidently, she possessed the ability to do so! The several bounty hunters had full respect for Gu Xijiu now.

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