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Shan Qing frowned, "From the severity of the wound, this person seems to be around level four."

"Nonsense! How could a person with a level four spiritual power kill a Shura Snow Bear? This person must be at least level six!" The young lady in green spoke while pulling the sleeve of the lady in pink, "Senior Jiajun, what do you think?"

The young lady in pink wrinkled her forehead, "Xiaoge, how can you say something like this? You shouldn’t be impolite towards Shan Qing, the bounty hunter. He is, after all, a famous tracker. His deduction should be correct. That person should only be around level four."

The young lady in green seemed to obey the young lady in pink and stopped talking.

Shan Qing was an incredibly famous bounty hunter in the Feixing Kingdom, and he was exceptionally skilled in tracking and a.n.a.lysis on top of having good kungfu. Therefore, an ordinary person could not hire him.

He was arrogant, but he was respected wherever he went. When the young lady in green disagreed with him, he looked gloomy and grunted, but he did not want to argue with a lady, so he turned to that young man in luxurious clothing and said, "Sir, from the traces of this person, he should be here for Ice Shura flowers."

The young lady in green frowned, "Ice Shura flowers are rare to find, and we need a lot of them. If this person collected some, we might not have enough of them. Sir Long, maybe you should let somebody chase him away."

Sir Long said indifferently, "We’ll see and decide later."

Shan Qing added, "The sighting of the Shura Bear is a sign that there are Ice Shura flowers around. Let’s look around within a 5 km radius."


"Master, Ice Shura flowers should be somewhere within a 5 km radius of you. Please do look carefully." The Firmament Stone reminded Gu Xijiu.

"I know." Gu Xijiu was trekking through the snow storm.

Ice Shura flowers were small in size, and thus, it was not easy to spot them. She had been wandering around this ice land for three days already. She needed some luck to collect some back.

"Master, look at the direction of your one o’clock!"

Gu Xijiu looked towards the direction and saw a few bluish little flowers which were blooming on the ice cliff, somewhere about 100 m above the ground.

They were the Ice Shura!

Gu Xijiu was delighted and when she was about to rush herself there, "Ssshh!" With a loud sound, a light shone directly at her feet. If Gu Xijiu did not dodge fast enough, she would have been rooted to the ground!

"We’ll take over this place! If you’re clever enough, please leave immediately!" A lady's voice was heard from afar.

Gu Xijiu squinted her eyes.

Eight people were coming from afar and got to her within the blink of an eye.

There were two ladies and six men. The two ladies were wearing fox-skin cloaks - one in green while the other in pink. The lady in pink looked elegant and n.o.ble while the lady in green appeared to be somewhat offensive and arrogant. Nonetheless, both of them were beauties with slim and thin bodies.

That young man with luxurious clothing was apparently the leader of the other five. However, the rest looked stubborn and rebellious and thus, they should be the bounty hunters.

Meanwhile, the lady in green was looking arrogantly at Gu Xijiu. Evidently, she was the person who shot the frost arrow at Gu Xijiu’s feet.

The others were also sizing Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu's attire was bizarre. She was wearing a cap which covered most of her face and a bear-skin cloak which had made her look round like a ball that n.o.body could see her gender, not to mention her body shape.

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