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Evidently, fewer people did not mean there were none. There were a group of people who were skilled in Kung Fu, who enjoyed living freely with a comfortable life and did not want to serve the royal family. Therefore, they became bounty hunters for a living.

They were also similar to the modern era's mercenaries and hired by paying a certain amount of money.

The price to employ differed according to their Kung Fu abilities.

Bounty hunters with a spiritual power level of four and above were extremely rare; hence, they were more precious and worth more than a panda.

If Gu Xijiu wanted to hire four masters for this mission, she would need to spend a minimum of two million ounces of silver!

Recently, she was unable to earn much but had to spend a lot. Two million ounces of silver was indeed a large sum of money and was not possible to gather in a short period. Therefore, she decided to go alone.

She had a plan. She would utilize her teleportation immediately after obtaining the Ice Shura Flowers and evacuate the Mysterious Ice Land so that she could quickly refine the medicine at a safer location.

The delay would only take about two hours, and therefore the flowers would still be usable.

There were many ferocious beasts on this ice land.

Along the journey, she had come across five to six frost crocodiles, three to four snow pythons and even a group of snow wolf face-to-face.

Gu Xijiu decided that she would only fight beasts that were alone and if she met with a group, she would teleport immediately.

Nonetheless, teleporting at the ice land was dangerous because of the sophisticated topography where underground ice rivers resided everywhere. She even fell into one of them when she first teleported.

Her body was weak against the cold, and she was still feeling cold even after wearing many layers of cotton clothes and exercising a lot. Therefore, she missed her feather clothing from the modern era.

She would quickly freeze to death if she accidentally fell into the icy river under such weather conditions!

Therefore, she did her best to fight or run instead of teleporting.

"Whuuu..." An enormous white bear suddenly appeared and began waving its claws while launching itself towards Gu Xijiu!

With a turn, Gu Xijiu drew her sword which emitted a bright and dazzling light that created a glowing circle as she swung it around.

After a moment, the big white bear fell to the ground with a few large holes seen on its head.

"Master, you're awesome!" The Firmament Stone was very excited.

The white bear was not ordinary. It had very smooth and tender fur which could easily prevent any stabbing of chopping from knives and swords.

The bear was so mighty that two warriors with level four spiritual power could not defeat it.

Gu Xijiu managed to stab it directly at its weak point and kill it.

The Firmament Stone saw the fight between Gu Xijiu and the big white bear and understood that its master was no longer as weak as before!

It felt that it had undoubtedly found itself the right master.

The Firmament Stone could not help but feel fortunate.

The Firmament Stone complimented her generously as it knew that most people become geniuses because of compliments.

As it finished its complement, it wondered again, "Master, what are you doing?"

Gu Xijiu was working very quickly, "Skinning. The skin of this bear is just nice to keep me warm."

The Firmament Stone "..."

It looked at how round Gu Xijiu was because of the many layers of cotton clothing she had worn and said, "Master, I think you are round and big enough. If you put on this bear skin, you would most likely turn into a ball! And that won't look good."

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