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Her body was developing nicely, but her face still looked immature and young.

The Firmament Stone circled her and whistled like a scamp, "Master, you have a kid's face but also grew very big in that area."

Gu Xijiu replied with a slap, which sent it flying, "Pervert! Go away!"

The stone was beginning to talk nonsense!

Her breast was developing nicely and was not very big at all!

"Master, had the Celestial Master Zuo seen the current you yet?" The Firmament Stone wasted to gossip.

"No." Gu Xijiu started to put makeup in front of a mirror," He'll throw me into the Dark Forest after half a month. Therefore, I won't see him for these few months."

She had not seen Celestial Master Zuo for almost six months. As usual, n.o.body knew where he was. Occasionally, she could hear somebody talking about him, that perhaps he had not gone back to Fucang Palace at all, even the emperor did not know where he was.

Gu Xijiu was incredibly talented at disguising herself. In just a few minutes, she had become a completely different person.

The Firmament Stone a.s.sessed her and commented, "You're very handsome!"

And asked, "Where do you plan to go this time?"

"Mysterious Ice Land."

Gu Xijiu wanted to prepare some unique materials before entering the Dark Forest. Therefore, she has often been going out for these past few months.

She usually bought the things she needed, but sometimes Gu Xijiu had to collect them herself as the things she required were so rare that it was not for sale.

To prevent unwanted troubles, she usually disguised herself before she went out.

The reason she wanted to travel to the Mysterious Ice Land was to collect a unique flower known as the Ice Shura, which could resist miasma.


At the Mysterious Ice Land.

Snowstorms were raging, and the fierce winds were howling.

Gu Xijiu ran through the snowfield while the heavy snows and high winds were falling hard on her.

The hills afar and the ice tower nearby were all clouded by the snowstorm, which caused low visibility.

The Ice Shura could be found everywhere such as the frozen valley, mountain, and rivers.

Therefore, you could only look for it unhurriedly and could not use teleportation to find it.

"Master, you should have asked someone to help you!" The Firmament Stone was nagging.

"Would you pay if I did?" Gu Xijiu stopped the Firmament Stone from talking with just a few words.

Mysterious Ice Land was a location in the Feixing Kingdom which was famous for its poor condition.

Throughout the year, a thick layer of snow will cover it, and its temperature was comparable to the North Pole. The topography was complicated and kept changing, and it also had many ferocious beasts too. In short, it was a dangerous place.

The general public was afraid of that place, and n.o.body would dare to go there without a minimum spiritual power of level four.

The worst places usually had unique medicinal ingredients, and the Ice Shura was indeed a distinctive product of this area.

This flower was endemic to the Mysterious Ice Land, and it blossomed only in March.

The flower collected must be refined immediately with a particular method. Otherwise, the bulb would change color within four hours and completely lose its effects after eight hours.

Because of this, the flowers were not for sale in the market, and the apothecary had to collect the flowers themselves.

The Ice Shura was so rare that even at Mysterious Ice Land it was not only hard to find but also troublesome to collect.

The reason for this was because giant size ferocious beasts protected the flowers. Therefore, n.o.body could collect the flowers alone. Other than the apothecary, another four masters were needed for the apothecary to obtain the Ice Shura.

However, there were only a few people who live at the Feixing Kingdom who had spiritual powers of level four and above, and most of them were either becoming disciples of the clans or are faithful officers to the royal family such as the palace guards or generals. There were even less among the ordinary people.

Fewer people did not mean there were none.

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