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Then, her eyes brightened!

It was actually a silk book!

The stack of silk looked thin but it actually turned out to be a book with more than ten million words after she opened it.

More excitingly, it was actually a book about wind talents, for basic to intermediate level pract.i.tioners. The little wordings were luminous, hence, Gu Xijiu could see them clearly in the dark.

She was worried that she would not be able to get a book to practice her wind talent, but this would undoubtedly be a great help!

Gu Xijiu originally came here to verify her dream if the jade statue was still around but little did she know that it would turn out to be such an adventure.

She went on searching around the cave for a little longer but she did not find anything else.

She too, did not see the pavilion where she found that jade statue, and the structure of the cave was far from what she remembered it to be.

She had been racking her brains trying to verify the cave again and again, that if this cave was supposed to be that cave…

There should be only one possibility for such incident to occur, which was the cave she trespa.s.sed before had a legendary enchanted boundary where the jade statue was located, which she accidentally crossed over.

Probably that enchanted boundary had now disappeared or was better hidden, hence, she could no longer find it…

She recalled that dream and had a thought - would that jade statue be the Holy Lord? Was he hinting her to come over in the dream?

The guess was more reasonable but she felt it was absurd too.

The Holy Lord was a character with the highest status in this world and would not talk to any commoners. He might not show himself for the next few hundred years; even the two Celestial Masters, Zuo and You, along with the three overlords could barely see him. So, why would he help an insignificant person like Gu Xijiu?

If there had to be a reason, that would probably be because she had stripped him of his clothes before…

She shuddered because if she really did strip him, she reckoned she would be killed.

How would he repay her with kindness?

Her little counselor, the Firmament Stone was still in bad shape and could not communicate with her. Therefore, Gu Xijiu could not ask about the characteristics of the Holy Lord.

Maybe the Holy Lord was a G.o.d, with G.o.dly characteristics. Therefore, he would not be like any regular Joe and would instead, pay resentment with kindness.

When Gu Xijiu thought of this, she was touched and bowed towards the inner part of the cave, "Thank you for giving me the book. If I’ve offended you, I sincerely apologize. If you need my help, please do let me know in my dreams. I’ll definitely do my best…"

As such a kind act could not be repaid with just a word of thank you, Gu Xijiu made that wish.

n.o.body responded in the cave. It did not seem like there was anyone in there too.

Gu Xijiu left and the cave returned to its silent state.

There was a cliff opposite the cave three people had appeared on a big tree where its branches were twisted.

One of them was wearing a white robe, had dark hair and was also wearing a ghastly mask -

he was Holy Lord indeed.

Behind him, there were two handsome young men looking at Gu Xijiu leaving and one of them sighed, "This girl is indeed a genius! With only a level two spiritual power, she dared to fight against this uni-horn viper and won the battle!"

"That’s right. This uni-horn viper is extremely ferocious and is also a quite a battle for people with a level four spiritual power. With just one mistake, one would easily die. Therefore, it’s better to escape if one ever chances upon it. Nevertheless, this little girl did not even want to run away but instead, put up a good fight. I was actually very nervous just now, fearing that she would be swallowed alive."

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