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Did she look into the wrong cave?

Gu Xijiu turned her body and wanted to go out. Suddenly, she seemed to have noticed something and suddenly turned back again!

A pair of lanterns!

A pair of green lanterns!

Each lantern was about the size of a teacup - so green, they looked terrifying!

Gu Xijiu, "…"

She almost broke into a cold sweat! Those were not lanterns but the eyes of a ferocious beast!

A strong wind suddenly blew!

The ‘two lanterns’ swooped towards her!


After an hour...

Gu Xijiu sat on a protruding stone, tidied her messy sleeves after the intense fight, tied up her hair and stood up to kick the uni-horn giant snake that she just killed. She felt that her legs were rather feeble now.

She had no idea what type of snake it was. It was about 50 meters long and was as thick as a bowl. Unexpectedly, it had a sharp uni-horn on its head. It could spout out poison liquid, gas, and even fire. Besides, its scales were much thicker than the scales of a pangolin. When she was fighting against it, she had slashed at it a few times with her sword but she could not cut out a single scale.

Though the body size of the snake was very huge, its dexterity was unexpectedly better than a rabbit's. When it was swishing and swaying in the cave, it looked like a ribbon of thunder -

extremely aggressive!

Gu Xijiu had been practicing her internal power for a month now. Therefore, she thought of testing out her skills and started fighting against it.

She knew some strange kungfu and with relatively good internal power, she could easily apply her Qing Gong and teleportation. Therefore, she went around the snake, disappeared and showed herself suddenly on its left, its right, its top, and its bottom to confuse it and make it dizzy. Therefore, she could slash at it a few times with her sword despite its swift moves…

After about an hour, Gu Xijiu finally found its weakness and stabbed through its mouth into its brain and killed it.

The fight sounded simple but it was extremely dangerous. She would not have won with her original ability and would have ended up becoming its food.

From applying, she knew that her battling skills would improve very quickly.

After the fight, she managed to master some methods, as she summarized the experience and lesson she learned from the fight with the beast.

She had been questioning Long Jialuo and knew that such a poisonous python was present at the second peak of Dark Forest. However, she did not expect that she would have to face it much earlier…

She took a short rest and started searching around the ruined cave.

Everyone knew that the poisonous and giant beast enjoys guarding something. As this giant python was big, strong and was hiding in the cave, it probably was hiding something precious…

She was a professional in searching, thus she quickly found a white jade casket where the giant python was crouching on.

The white jade casket was not big and had a complexed built-in lock.

Gu Xijiu probed the white jade casket for a moment and after she confirmed that it was not poisonous, she lifted it to take a look and brought it close to her ear to listen to any noises. She felt that it had something thin within.

What was it that the poisonous python was guarding?

Could it be a medicinal plant or something precious?

The built-in lock of the white jade casket was extremely complicated but it was not a big deal for a veteran like Gu Xijiu. She took only a while to break it apart and used a thin stick to pry open its cover.

There were not any hidden weapons or a mechanism that shot out poison. So, she took a look and saw a neatly folded silk item.

The color of the silk was old and fading, obviously, it was at least a few years old.

After confirming that the silk was not poisonous, Gu Xijiu took out the silk and slowly opened it.

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