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No, he was not even a jade statue - he was a living person!

She retreated a few steps, and an idea struck her, "You…you are the Holy Lord?!"

It was until that moment when she realized that though his hair was like jade and silver-white in color, they were truly real.

But she had a preconception that misled her to think that he was a jade statue…

His eyes were bluish like the unpredictable deep sea with an on-and-off G.o.dly light in it. Watching them induced constriction and tension, making people want to worship him.

He was like a G.o.d sitting on a cloud and would let anyone buckle under pressure with just a glance.

For common people, they would have kowtowed soon after being suppressed by his intimidating aura.

But Gu Xijiu had never worshipped anyone and would not have believed in any G.o.d or ghosts if she had not crossed over to this world. Though her heart was beating fast and drops of sweat were dripping from the pores of her forehead at that moment, she did not even drop to her knees, only subconsciously taking a few steps backward.

He was staring at her and his eyes were emotionless.

Gu Xijiu’s heart missed a beat. Though they were very close, with a distance of only three to four meters away from each other, she could not see his face clearly, not even the patterns of his mask, as wide as she tried to open her eyes. It seemed that he was using something to hide.

"I am sorry for trespa.s.sing ." She had after all, trespa.s.sed the place of another. So, she felt that she should apologize.

"I summoned you here." He finally spoke and his voice was like the flowing water - very magnetic and melodious.

Gu Xijiu was stupefied, "What?"

He stared at her, "Very unexpected?"

"Yes, a tad bit." Gu Xijiu nodded her head to confess.

"Since you call yourself the Holy Lord Scholar, why are you not kowtowing upon seeing me?" He spoke indifferently and coldly.

Gu Xijiu replied, "I’m sorry. I didn’t call myself a Holy Lord Scholar but somebody else did. I don’t know…"

"Who said it?" He said coldly, his aura as cold as ice and snow.

The silhouette of Di Fuyi flashed through Gu Xijiu’s mind and she slightly looked downwards and replied, "It’s nothing related to anyone. Perhaps I was misled. If you want to blame someone, you may blame me."

Di Fuyi did it for her sake, hence, she did not want to betray him.

"How were you misled?" He questioned persistently.

Gu Xijiu’s heart was throbbing fast although she looked extremely calm, "I absorbed all the lightning snake's colors and emitted seven-colored lights. I thought that was something similar to your kungfu."

"I heard you claimed that I imparted kungfu to you in your dreams? Was it real?" He lightly tapped on the lotus seat and said more indifferently, "I want to hear the truth."

Gu Xijiu was thinking fast and understood that he had heard about everything that was happening at the Open Heaven Stage. As he was the first man, nay, the first G.o.d of this world, he was not easily cheated. Besides, he could take away her life anytime!

Gu Xijiu looked downwards and replied straightforwardly, "It was a mess in the dream. I vaguely can recall that somebody was imparting kungfu to me but I can’t recall if he was you."

"But you depicted my clothing exactly! Have you seen me before?"

Gu Xijiu felt a headache as his question was getting more and more difficult.

She pursed her lips and revealed the truth partially, "Yes, I have been to this cave in my dreams and saw a jade statue. I only knew that statue was you, much later."

"A jade statue? Are you sure that was a statue?" He seemed to be interested.

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