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It was actually good that he did not come. Gu Xijiu had wished that he would not come forever.

As for Di Fuyi who was like a plague, always turning up unannounced, had not been showing himself after the test.

Then, she got to know from Rong Che that Celestial Master Zuo went disappearing again. He had left Fucang Palace and n.o.body knew where he went. Even the emperor could not find him despite having something important to talk to him about…

Celestial Master You too, did not come back at all. However, he did send a message to the attendants of his mansion that he was going to be back after half a month.

The emperor knew that Gu Xijiu needed to practice and ordered that no government officials and families could visit her at the mansion of general after three days.

The life of Gu Xijiu finally returned to peace, albeit temporarily.


A month had pa.s.sed in just a blink of an eye. Gu Xijiu had been practicing hard and her spiritual power got better. Besides, she was growing taller as she was taking good care of herself.

She was shorter than 1.5 meters but had now grown up to 1.55 meters tall. More excitingly, her chest started to grow a tad bigger…

As for the red patch on her face, it was disappearing gradually. Though the rate of its fading was slow, Gu Xijiu was joyful enough.

The red patch had turned pinkish, like peach blossoms, from the initial dark red color, hence, she could easily cover it with thicker make-up.

Gu Xijiu lived rather cozily too. Not only the fact that n.o.body was disturbing her, she could eat anything she wanted and do whatever she liked too.

The only dismal was the Firmament Stone was yet to wake up!

It seemed to have been addicted to sleeping. If it was not blinking to show that it was good when Gu Xijiu was talking to it, she almost thought that it was broken by the high voltage electricity!

Before the Firmament Stone could wake up, she could not practice her wind talent. She had been searching for books everywhere she could think of, including Celestial Master You’s place, but to no avail. She was very worried, but she could not do anything.

One night, she seemed to be dreaming.

She dreamt that she was walking around a mountain and entered a cave. After she entered, she felt that the cave looked familiar and remembered...

It was the cave she used to hide from the rain when she first came here. It was also where she met that ‘jade statue’ and took away its cloth.

She was not expecting to visit the same cave again. Therefore, she went in, wanting to see if that jade statue was still around.

She finally got in and saw that carved jade statue!

It was still wearing clothes as white as clouds, had cascading long hair like a waterfall and was surrounded by mist. The differences were its ghastly mask that looked like it was frosted, emitting chills, and its position, sitting upright like Buddha.

Gu Xijiu still had her memory even she was dreaming. She was excited when she saw that the jade statue was still there!

She quickly went to it and took a look at that mask. It was made from materials she had not seen before and was glimmering.

As Gu Xijiu was alone in the cave, she wanted to take down the mask.

Before she could touch it, she suddenly felt a chill and an intimidating aura emitted from the statue, increasing her heart rate. Surprisingly, she looked up and her eyes met directly with those pair of eyes that had just opened!

Gu Xijiu, "!!!"

What? The jade statue was alive!

No, he was not even a jade statue, he was a living person!

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