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She could not help herself but turn her attention towards Qian Yueran and Hua Wuyan, in hopes of getting some clues.

However, one of them was wearing a mask and the other with a veil, so she could not even see their expressions that were hidden underneath. She could not even feel their emotions, let alone their experience when they went through the test.

The Lightning Snake was in brilliant rays of color, striking randomly everywhere within the clouds in a dazzling display.

Gu Xijiu looked up towards the sky. She then came to realize that the Lightning Snake was actually striking in a specific manner, even though it seemed completely random.

She took another close look at the pattern on the Lightning Snake. If she tried to put the patterns together in a big picture, it somehow made up the shape of a flower.

This was the intense moment.

Everyone, whether on or off stage, was all stretched tight. Most of them were focusing on the Lightning Snake that was constantly swirling above their heads.

Some of them had their eyes on Gu Xijiu.

Some of them included Rong Jialuo, Rong Che, Hua Wuyan and Qian Yueran.

Rong Jialuo and Rong Che seemed to be concerned about Gu Xijiu, while Qian Yueran seemed to be in a little shock. However, there was something more in the eyes of Hua Wuyan.

Both Qian Yueran and Hua Wuyan had experienced the test. Even though they were both grown-ups when the test took place, they could still feel immensely tensed. They were as rigid as sticks when the Lightning Snake started to form in the dark clouds above them. They closed their eyes to draw their power while they waited. Cold sweat had broken out all over their forehead. The anxiety was indeed too overwhelming.

However, it seemed like this tiny little girl actually had some courage. She even dared to look up towards the sky in all seriousness.

She was really something else. They were impressed.

A few moments later, Di Fuyi made a hand gesture. The Lightning Snake then transformed into a ball of brilliant light rays and went right down.

Inevitably, it finally struck.

It was almost like lightning in the shape of a ball, which seemed to be capable of ma.s.s destruction.

Gu Xijiu was dazzled in a flash. Her entire body was blanketed by the ball of brilliant rays.

Instinctively, Hua Wuyan and Qian Yueran held their breaths. It was the exact moment to distinguish between true or false.

In fact, the Five-Colored Lightning Snake had different attributes in it. Green was attributed to the element of wood, while white represented the element of metal. Black for the element of water, red for the element of fire and yellow to attribute the element of earth.

If she was truly endowed by fate as the heaven's gift recipient, once she was engulfed by the giant ball of rays, she would absorb that particular ray with an attribution to a specific element from the Five-Colored Lightning Snake, if it matched with the nature of her body.

For instance, Hua Wuyan was a pract.i.tioner of the element of water. She had therefore absorbed all the black rays from the lightning during the test and her body ended up shimmering in the same color of rays representing the said element. She would then illuminate along with four other colors of the Lightning Snake in unison and brighten up the entire Eight Diagrams.

If she was not meant to be the one, the giant ball of rays would engulf her and take away all her powers. The lightning ball would then disappear and leave no trace behind.

The brilliant Five-Colored Lightning Snake surrounded Gu Xijiu’s body and formed a brilliant block of light, overlaying her entire body.

Hua Wuyan fixed her eyes on the brilliant block of colors, or more accurately, she was looking at the Five-Colored Lightning Snake that was going around in that block of light. As long as there was one color that appeared to gradually reduce and blend into Gu Xijiu’s body, that would mean that she was the chosen one.

The Five-Colored Lightning Snake surrounded Gu Xijiu and spun around her madly. After about ten seconds or so, Hua Wuyan’s eyes were sharp enough to realize that none of the Lightning Snake disappeared. All the colors were still present.

Hua Wuyan shook her head lightly. She had experienced it herself, so she knew that the Five-Colored Light Block would disperse and disappear after a little while.

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