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His voice was as soft as a spring breeze, but deep down, Qian Yueran could sense the iciness in his tone. He quickly let out a smile, "I dare not. I had only said it because I felt a little unfortunate for the lady. I’m rather outspoken and what I say could be offensive to you at times, but please know that I don’t bear any malicious intentions."

Di Fuyi took a look at him. He laughed again, but in a softer tone, "No, you’re not outspoken, you’re just a little dumb. Also, you’re out of your mind."

Qian Yueran was speechless.

Di Fuyi smiled, "I’m outspoken too, please don’t take it personally."

Qian Yueran’s face instantly reddened. He was so furious that he could not express himself properly.

He was undoubtedly one of the great overlords, and yet Celestial Master Zuo chose to publicly criticize him by calling him dumb in front of everyone. Qian Yueran could not hold himself together, so he took a few steps back.

A gust of wind blew over. A sudden shiver ran through his body.

It was strange. Although he used to act rashly on impulse, most of the time he was still able to behave and speak appropriately. This time, he was behaving so oddly, as though he was possessed.

He looked at Di Fuyi and tried to explain himself, but Di Fuyi did not seem to be paying attention to him. Instead, Di Fuyi signaled his subordinates on stage with a hand gesture and said, "You may now begin!"

The eight subordinates answered in unison. Within swift movements, they were already standing in eight different positions.

Qian Yueran was still upset at himself for being so outspoken, without considering the consequences. He saw Di Fuyi taking a few steps forward. "Brother Di, are you going to be biased and partial?" He said abruptly without thinking, yet again.

Di Fuyi stopped and said, "Of course not, I will manage my affairs in a fair and orthodox manner. I will not be biased."

Qian Yueran was instantaneously relieved. While he was catching his breath, Di Fuyi added, "I will be fair to anyone, including both of you."

Qian Yueran froze. He somehow had a feeling that what Di Fuyi had said might contain some overtones in his words.

Hua Wuyan’s expression had also changed a little. "Fuyi, I have nothing to say", she said with a bitter smile. She was the innocent victim in this protracted controversy.

Di Fuyi looked at her face and said, "Really?" His voice was soft; so soft that it had terrified Hua Wuyan for no apparent reason.

Gu Xijiu went forward abruptly. She went around Qian Yueran and took a thorough look at him from head to toe.

Qian Yueran lost a slight bit of her temper, "What are you looking at, young lady?"

Gu Xijiu responded rather drily, "Nothing," she then turned her head and walked away.

Qian Yueran was lost for words. He somehow had a feeling that there was something being left unsaid in the way she said ‘nothing’.

The test had started. The eight protectors of Fucang Hall stood at their respective positions at each corner of the Eight Diagrams, while Gu Xijiu had to position herself at the center of the Open Heaven Stage, with her back inclined to the middle of the three pillars.

There was a gear hidden in the mechanism of the pillar. Once she had clung herself to it, she was immediately held still by the chains that came out from the top of the pillar.

Di Fuyi started to perform the rituals at the center of the Eight Diagrams. There were brilliant rays of colored light at the tip of his fingers. There was a little resemblance to the Six Veins Legendary Sword, but better.

Followed by the rays of light, the clouds in the sky started to shift towards the center pillar. Lightning had struck suddenly in the dark clouds. Even in bright daylight, the lightning was strikingly bright, causing a bout of jitters.

This kind of public test was so scarce that almost no one had seen it with own eyes. It was such a tense moment that people started to hold their breath in anxiety.

Gu Xijiu was a little nervous, too, as she still had a little concern at the bottom of her heart.

Although she had not heard that people had died from accidents during the test before, the lightning that started to strike within the circling dark clouds had severely terrified her.

She started to a.s.sume that Celestial Master Zuo was planning to strike her by summoning the lightning.

It definitely looked like it from the way he performed the rituals.

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