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Gu Xijiu knew that she could not express the thoughts in her head. Letting Celestial Master Zuo become aware that she knew about his s.e.xual orientation could enrage him.

"Was the question difficult to answer?" Di Fuyi spoke again in a mumbling voice.

Gu Xijiu raised her head, gazed at him, and asked something else, "Do you think that Overlord Long prepared the frozen beauty in the coffin for me?"

Di Fuyi blinked but was not avoiding her question. Instead, he said indifferently, "I only heard part of your conversation. Your relationship is rather complicated…"

As expected, he was indeed jealous! She had become the third party to their complicated relationship instead!

Gu Xijiu clarified, "There’s nothing between us. He’s recognized the wrong person!"

Di Fuyi frowned, "Recognized the wrong person?" His voice sounded slightly uncertain.

"Yes, he thought I was somebody else, which turned out to be wrong." For the sake of her life, she must get rid of Long Siye!

"But he firmly believes that it’s you!" Di Fuyi smiled and continued, "It’s my first time seeing him act so stubbornly for a person. He tried so many times to take you away from me…"

What a strong taste of vinegar!

"I told him that he had recognized the wrong person, he would understand it later. Besides, he did not want me just to stay in his Tianwen mountain. He needed that 3,000-year-old Illusion Weed…" Gu Xijiu suddenly stopped talking as she realized her mistake.

"3,000-year-old Illusion Weed? You have that with you?" Di Fuyi smiled faintly.

"He thought that it’s with me." Gu Xijiu managed to make up for her mistake in time.

This Illusion Weed was, after all, wanted by everyone throughout the Starry Crescent Land. If Celestial Master Zuo knew that she had it, he would probably covet for it. Even though he did not need it, Long Siye, who he loved, needed it. Therefore, he would want to have it so that he could please him.

Di Fuyi muttered again, "I asked you whether you want me to take responsibility for kissing you and whether you care about the kiss just now. But you are now asking me about Long Siye and I... are you trying to change the topic?"

Gu Xijiu was silent. She had not thought that the topic would change back! She sighed and asked, "How do you think you can take responsibility? Do you intend to marry me?"

Di Fuyi's twinkled, "After you come out from the Dark Forest, we can get engaged first and talk about marriage later after you grow up."

"Then, I’m sorry to ask a question, do you love me?"

Di Fuyi frowned, "Love?"

Gu Xijiu laughed, "Let’s put it this way, do you like me?" She looked down at him from her boulder, "I hope that you’d speak the truth and not bamboozle me, a little girl."

"I’m interested in you." Di Fuyi replied frankly.

Interested? What a good word!

"Then, what are you interested in?"

Di Fuyi pondered before he replied, "I don’t have any interest in much stuff recently, but I used to. Examples are temaking, alcohol tasting and some novel things…"

"So, in your opinion, I’m about the same as these interests, right?"

Di Fuyi, "it seems to be the same."

Gu Xijiu sighed, "That's it then. You're just curious about me and don’t like me, not to mention love. Then, why would you marry me?"

"Must I love you to marry you? Are the couples of this world like this? From what I know, the marriage in this world is carried basically by order of parents. The man and woman don’t even know how their partner-to-be looks like, yet they still have to get married."

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