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He took another glance at her. Gu Xijiu was impa.s.sive, so he continued, "With this body, you can practice your spiritual power without the reappearance of these red spots. It suits you better. Additionally, you can escape your ident.i.ty as the daughter of the Gu family. You can leave behind your engagement in the Feixing Kingdom. You can be a whole new you…"

Gu Xijiu was silent. She had always known that Long Siye was ambitious, but she had not realized that his ambitions took him to such an extent that he even wanted to become a G.o.d!

He made a new body. He made a new clone. But the one that he wanted to resurrect must be Ye HongFeng. He was merely speaking gibberish about Gu Xijiu.

She could feel the flow of adrenaline in her body, but she did not let it show externally. Smilingly, she clarified, "So, you want to place my soul inside this body? How? I didn’t know that you’re capable of such power, Overlord Long."

Long Siye responded quickly, "Xijiu, I’ve always been proficient with this power. Even in my previous life. It has taken me awhile now due of the lack of elements and resources. It’s not very difficult for you to switch bodies as long as I have the necessary elements. I’ll extract your soul and place it inside the body," he explained.

"Elements? What kind of elements?" Gu Xijiu asked, taking advantage of the opportunity.

"Various. I’ve been collecting all these items over the years, and I believe G.o.d helps those who help themselves. I have finally found all of the basic elements except for one; now I only lack one herb. The last thing I need is just that particular herb."

"What herb?" Gu Xijiu asked ignorantly.

"A 3000-year-old Illusion Weed." He finally said it out. "Xijiu, you were the one who got the Illusion Weed at the auction room that day, weren't you?" Long Siye asked while he fixed his eyes on her to try to read her expression.

It was just as she had expected! The sole intention of everything he ever did was nothing more than for benefitting himself, and in this case, it was to get his hands on the Illusion Weed.

Gu Xijiu smirked a little. Avoiding his question, she asked instead, "I’m more interested in how you’re going to help me switch bodies. Will you have to kill me first? According to legend, one’s soul will only leave its body after death."

Long Siye choked up a bit, then said, "It’s not considered as killing. I’ll put you in an unconscious state, then force your soul out cryogenically with a deep-freezing power. Finally, I’ll put your soul inside the body with my secret power."

He did not just plan to take away the herb, but her life as well! By making up such a ludicrous reason to convince her to freeze to death, he could effortlessly get what he had always wanted, while getting rid of her.

It sounded like a good plan! It was more detailed than the strategy he had used on her previously!

She observed the girl in the ice coffin again and said, "Overlord Long, was she once your disciple? Have you taught her any kung fu? It looks like you froze her since she’s was 20. Is that true? Had she been living with you before she was frozen? Was she cute?"

"She... She’s someone I’ve created. I've nurtured her well and graced her with many talents. Unfortunately, she hasn’t truly lived her life yet," Long Siye said.

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrows and asked, "How do you determine her intelligence? Is her brain faulty? Is she even coordinated? Is she gifted with an abundance of spiritual power?"

In silence, Long Siye was astounded.

He could only determine those factors from a living person. Nonetheless, all the data showed that this body was identical to Gu Xijiu's in her previous life. So technically, everything should be the same, if not better.

He released a heavy sigh, "Xijiu, I am not lying to you. Since the day I created her, she been soulless. In my heart, I know that you, and only you, truly deserve this body…"

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