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Mo Yuyan smiled sweetly, "I’m afraid to disturb you. Therefore, I didn’t go with you."

The girl was clearly lying! If she was afraid to disturb her, she would not follow her so closely. The girl even waited outside when Gu Xijiu went to relieve herself.

It seemed that the second floor was a forbidden area that did not allow these girls to enter…

The two went out of the building and Gu Xijiu went around the palace before she returned to the gorgeous guest room. Also, she received some bathing accessories from Mo Yuyan.

Celestial Master Zuo told them to give whatever Sir Gu had requested for, as long as the request was reasonable. Therefore, Mo Yuyan quickly prepared the necessary for her.

As Sir Gu wanted to take a bath, Mo Yuyan could not stay on beside him. Therefore, she went out and considerately closed the door before she guarded from outside.

With the splashing sound coming from inside, it seemed that Sir Gu was enjoying her bath.

Nonetheless, what Sir Gu wanted in her bath were rather strange, as she needed medicine, flowers, spices and various other ingredients.

It seemed that Sir Gu was a strange man too.

Mo Yuyan shook her head secretly and guarded the door while sitting down.

She was not afraid of Gu Xijiu escaping because Celestial Master Zuo had casted spells on every building in Fucang Palace. Provided that the person was inside the building, he could not use any spell.

If she wanted to come out from the house, she would need to go through this door. The other walls were as hard as iron and could not be opened by mere human strength.

Therefore, she just needed to watch the door.


The duration he took to bathe herself was so long that Mo Yuyan became impatient. Suddenly, she heard a plopping sound and then, "Ow!"…

Mo Yuyan was shocked and quickly asked but alas, she did not receive a reply.

She was worried and asked further but there was still no response at all.

Mo Yuyan was afraid if the person inside would have met an accident, so she immediately said, "I’ll come in now…"

She was afraid to see the naked body of the fat squire. Therefore, she partially closed her eyes and saw that the house was misty and the plopping sound was coming from the bathtub.

Did the fat squire drown?

Mo Yuyan rushed to the bucket and glanced towards the inner part of the tub daringly.

Eh, where’s the fat squire?!

She thought that he had sank to the bottom and thus, she tried to fish him up. Nonetheless, as soon as her hand touched the water surface, she felt a numbness creep up through her fingertips. Then, she fainted and collapsed…

A man suddenly came out from the mist, held her waist to carry her and then put her on a couch, "I’m sorry! I have to wrong you temporarily."

She then turned to look at the bath tub, "Little Cang, come out! Hurry, give me the equipment for the Facial Disguise."

The Firmament Stone jumped out of the bath tub, flew directly to the side of Gu Xijiu, opened up the s.p.a.ce and took out the equipment for the Facial Disguise…


It was already late at night - the attendants who were guarding alertly at the entrance of the palace had finally welcomed their palace master.

"After I left, did anyone come in and out from here?" Di Fuyi asked the head of security.

"Replying to the palace master, n.o.body came in and out, not even a water insect."

"Then, did the person I brought back try to rush across?"

"No. Sir Gu has been touring around the palace." The head responsible for the safety of the palace reported.

The eyes of Di Fuyi slightly glittered, "Then, where’s the person now?"

"Sir Gu took a bath at a quarter to eight at night and finished his bath at a quarter past nine. After bathing, he went to sleep. Mo Yuyan had been guarding by his side all the time." The head bowed while pa.s.sing a note book, "Palace master, all the whereabouts of Sir Gu today have been recorded here, please check."

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