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Gu Xijiu could still remember coming across the jade statue when she left the cave. However, oddly enough, the face of the statue had become vague to her and seemed like mist completely hid its face when she tried to recall how it looked. What we should remember was that the jade statue was too beautiful to be an ordinary human. Since then, Gu Xijiu encountered a never-ending stream of issues and could not be concerned of the vague face of the jade statue that she had in her mind.

As she saw Celestial Master Zuo's artwork, the vague face of the jade statue had suddenly become clearer that she could recognize it at once! This Celestial Master was genuinely talented in drawing. It looked so real that the man in the picture looked like he could walk out with just a few strokes of the brush.

Having looked at that drawing and then at Celestial Master Zuo, her heart pounded quickly in her chest despite being calm and expressionless on the outside. Celestial Master Zuo's face showed a stark resemblance to the jade statue's! The only noticeable differences were the purple robe versus the white robe and the temperament of the two.

Celestial Master Zuo was fascinating handsome but seemed to have a slightly dark aura. On the other hand, that statue dressed in white had fair and delicate skin which made it look pure and n.o.ble. What was the actual relationship between Celestial Master Zuo and this jade statue? Had he carved the jade statue based on his appearance? If he did, why did their temperaments vary so much? Or was this jade statue his twin brother? But with such an appearance and temperament, his existence would not have gone unnoticed.

Gu Xijiu quickly recalled the layout of the cave and remembered that it looked somewhat decorated than natural. As the works of this Celestial Master was somewhat mysterious, it was not a surprise if he were the one who designed the entire cave. Gu Xijiu used to hear in the modern era that burying a stone or metal statue at particular areas could prevent disasters. Since Celestial Master Zuo was rather rich, it is possible that he buried a jade statue instead.

If this was his intention, then he should not have used his statue as it would bring him bad luck! So, was the jade statue his twin brother? If not, who was he? Gu Xijiu sat calmly on his ship but had numerous guesses flash through her heart.

"Can you recognize him?" Di Fuyi spoke while pointing his finger to the picture. His tone seemed to be rather indifferent, and Gu Xijiu replied in a more insured way, "No, I don’t."

Di Fuyi charmingly asked again, "Are you sure? Haven’t you seen him before?"

She had seen him before. In fact, she also touched him and stripped him off his clothes!

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