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Gu Xijiu suddenly seemed to be falling. Fortunately, she was prepared and grabbed onto the ‘white light’ that was still floating in the air. It was, in fact, an almost transparent chiffon. Gu Xijiu held upon that chiffon and swung like a swing towards the ship.

Everything happened far too quickly for anyone else to process. From the time that Gu Xijiu was pulled up like she was being fished, to the point where she grabbed onto the white chiffon and swung towards the ship, was merely a few seconds. Before anyone from below could respond, she had already landed on the floating ship.

What flexibility and agility! The citizens below could not help but cheer her on!

In reality, almost anyone with martial arts abilities could do it but probably not with the same gracefulness as Gu Xijiu who could react and respond to it this quickly! If this kid did not have such worthless spiritual powers, she would be talented in martial arts!

In a random reflection, the Emperor regretted asking about her master. All this could have been prevented if he had not pushed this issue so far. If she had indeed received a heavenly gift, the end of this tale would be pleasant. But if she had not been graced with such a gift, the Emperor himself would have to watch all the external abilities of Gu Xijiu be removed from her and even witness her being thrown into the Dark Forest.

The mat below her feet was snowy-white and as soft as a cloud. Gu Xijiu stood on the ship and looked at Celestial Master Zuo who was in a reclining posture, "Celestial Master, are you fishing!?"

Di Fuyi retrieved the piece of chiffon he had used earlier, and once it was in his possession, he kept it. The entire process of how he did it was quite commendable and unique too. The chiffon in his palm was folded neatly and kept in his sleeve within the blink of an eye.

He lazily laughed and said, "My mood is indeed epicene."

That sentence sounded grammatically incorrect and did not make any sense. Was this Celestial Master uncivilized?

"Eh, no! Epicene…" Gu Xijiu seemed to have just questioned whether Di Fuyi was an epicene together with Firmament Stone just now! Could he hear her conversation with the Firmament Stone?!

Gu Xijiu was shocked beyond words. Celestial Master Zuo suddenly picked up a brush and started drawing on the drawing board.

From where Gu Xijiu stood, she could see his handsome face under his long hair and also noticed that his slanted eyebrows were greenish-black in color. He looked like he was focused on the drawing board, but Gu Xijiu doubted that.

"Have a seat." He uttered three words while pointing towards a futon without shifting his focus away from the drawing board.

Gu Xijiu thanked him and immediately sat on the futon.

The futon was merely a three feet distance away from Di Fuyi which was a comfortable distance for a casual chat. Her new position allowed her to observe the drawing of Celestial Master Zuo. She was so shocked that her heart skipped two beats!

The drawing was of an elegant and talented man dressed in white who was sitting on a lily-like pedestal at a kiosk with his eyes somewhat closing and no one could know whether he was asleep or was meditating.

What made Gu Xijiu shocked was not how charming the man in the drawing was but rather the fact that she was very familiar with the drawing!

It was the jade statue she saw in the cave soon after she came to this world. The one which she stripped off its clothes! The appearance and meditating position of the man in the drawing, and even the kiosk in the background was the same as what she saw!

Even the white clothes in the drawing were identical to the one Gu Xijiu stripped off.

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