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Leng Xiangyu froze, "It is not possible. I heard that it is extremely difficult to reincarnate. It needs the foreign spirit to be the exact match as the body. In addition, even if a strong spirit could possess the body successfully, it cannot fully control the body for a short period of time, so when the body walks, it will look like a zombie. It is very easy to distinguish. However, this ugly girl seems to be able to walk very freely every day and is full of facial expressions. It does not seem like an effect of reincarnation."

Gu Tianchao rubbed his brow, "You have a point and I also doubt it. Perhaps she had used a transformation spell to imitate the ugly girl?"

Leng Xiangyu was even more stunned, "Transformation spell? Is it the legendary spell? It can only be cast by someone who has supreme spiritual power levels to practice transformation spells freely. Even the heads of the three clans might not have that kind of ability. If the current Gu Xijiu has such an ability, she would already be the strongest master and does not need to stealth around in our house."

Gu Tianchao sighed, "This is only my wild guess. It could be some devil who does not want to expose its ident.i.ty and deliberately turned into a low-profile, ugly girl…"

Leng Xiangyu shook her head, "I think your a.s.sumption does not make any sense."

Gu Tianchao also felt the same. He had a thought in his mind. After he comforted his mother for a while, he walked out from the living room.

He stood there and thought for a moment, then put on his nightwear and leaped. He moved quickly towards the direction of Gu Xijiu’s courtyard.

He was going to test the ugly girl!

His spiritual power and Qing Gong were all good. He had an agile body that allowed him to fly from roof to roof easily. Usually, this was how he went out and entered the general's house without being noticed by anyone.

But this time -

There were many guards patrolling the courtyard, and all of them were masters in martial arts!

Before Gu Tianchao could land in the courtyard, the guards had detected him and shouted loudly, "Who is that?!" and quickly chased after him.

Of course, Gu Tianchao turned to run away quickly.

He spent all his effort to escape and sneak around in the general's house. After three full rounds, he managed to get rid of the guards and head back to his own house.

He rapidly changed his clothes and once he was done, his father, Gu Xietian, had rushed to his house.

After Gu Xietian entered the room, he secretly observed him. He asked Gu Tianchao if he had seen the a.s.sa.s.sin, and told him that the guards had lost track of said a.s.sa.s.sin when they came to this area.

Although Gu Tianchao was a bit scared, he did not reveal it and shook his head.

Gu Xietian did not ask further but intentionally uttered a few words, "This time, Xijiu has gotten a bit high profile, so I guess there would definitely be people who want to catch her. That's why I've sent a few more guards to patrol around her courtyard to avoid any accidents. I have also ordered the guards to kill any suspicious people who approach the courtyard. Tianchao, do you have anything to add on top of my orders?"

Gu Tianchao knew that these words were uttered by his father to warn him, thus he did not want to say anything else. He unwillingly smiled and agreed with his father’s thoughtful orders to protect Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xietian patted him on the shoulder, sighed and said, "Tianchao, you are all my children, I hope that you all can love and have each other's backs, not secretly scheme against each other. That will break my heart…"

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