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Marriage as a wife, eloping as a concubine. What she did was indeed what a concubine would do - he was not wrong.

At best, after he married the two sisters, he would try to make Gu Tianqing his wife too so that these two sisters could be of the same status.

He had calculated and planned this clearly to himself and thus did not even bother to look at Gu Tianqing, who had already heard the conversation as she was not too far away.

This woman knew her place very well, thus she did not dare to utter a word despite feeling resentful…

He could not help but look at Gu Xijiu, and wanted to know how she would react when she heard the news.

Gu Xijiu was not responding. She was standing there with her arms folded; her eyes gleaming coldly, reflecting the moonlight.

Her aura was so cold that she sent chills down Rong Yan’s spine!

Gu Xijiu glanced downstairs rather impatiently, wondering why Duke Lu hadn't arrived yet! If he didn't show up, the people here were going to leave!

She went to see him that night and told him to pick the most lively and crowded time to unmask that case! Failing which, the emperor will try to protect his son and the case will then be omitted. He could then no longer take revenge on his son's behalf.

As she thought of this, a clippity-clop hoofbeat was heard from afar. In just a blink of an eye, the sound had gotten closer to Wan Xing Lou. Meanwhile, a loud clear voice was heard, "Your Majesty, I have a memorial to present!"

The voice was strong and loud; clearly audible to the people upstairs.

The emperor was feeling bad but before he could say anything, the riders had managed to get through the crowd and quickly rushed over…

Gu Xijiu turned the teacup in her hand and she smiled.

The truly good show was about to start!

One of the people who rushed over was Duke Lu, the emperor’s blood brother and the father of Count Le Hua, Rong Yi, who had been killed by Gu Xijiu with a hairpin.

He was bellowing downstairs, "Your Majesty, I have found the culprit who murdered my son. Please do take the responsibility for a just decision!"

The commoners downstairs were about to leave but they gathered back again when they heard Duke Lu.

Duke Lu rushed upstairs, along with the Minister from the Ministry of Justice, the Minister from the Court of Judicial, Master Hu from the Court of the Imperial Clan, as well as other commoners.

In anger, Gu Tianqing was considering what to do next, but she casually raised her head and was shocked to see the commoners entering!

She was only familiar with the two of them amongst the many. They used to work for her, to be the witnesses to testify on behalf of Gu Xijiu…

She turned towards Rong Yan!

He used to say that he will make sure that they disappeared from earth! But why were they now here?!

Rong Yan turned pale while clenching his fists in his sleeve!

He undoubtedly bribed the prison head to kill the two of them silently! Why were they still alive?

He felt uneasy - disaster was just around the corner!

His sixth sense was rather good because Duke Lu was glaring fiercely at him as soon as he arrived.

As Duke Lu spoke, he immediately blurted, "Your Majesty, the person who killed my son is none other than the twelfth prince, His Highness Rong Yan!"

Everyone present was shocked.

Rong Yan was shocked and shouted that he was innocent. Unfortunately, Duke Lu came well prepared. He brought all types of evidences, with each one proving that he was indeed the culprit!

What Rong Yan was trying to hide was made known too.

For example, the personal vendetta between Count Le Hua and himself. As Count Le Hua had insulted and humiliated him publicly, he used to swear - under the influence - that he was going to kill Rong Yi. Even the witness was present to testify what he had said.

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