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But these two brothers had been suffering from the Illusory Poison for a long time now, hence, their bodies no longer contained any poison. Therefore, Gu Xixi's antidote immediately became poison and almost took Yu Mubai’s life!

As Gu Xijiu was good in psychological warfare and poison utilization, she thought of the possibilities of this curse at the beginning. Therefore, she patiently asked Yu Muqing a few questions.

She was also skillful in her questioning techniques. Therefore, she could decipher the messages she wanted even if Yu Muqing could not speak and could only answer her by nodding and shaking his head.

When Gu Xixi started to heal Yu Mubai, she had come to a conclusion. She knew that she was going to defeat Gu Xixi!

It was not as if she did not want to help at that time but it was because the people, including the two patients, did not trust her abilities yet.

And as breaking this curse required their trust, Gu Xijiu started by looking on with a cold and indifferent approach.

It was only when Gu Xixi failed and almost killed Yu Mubai, which made the crowd start to feel hopeless, she decided to save his life in time. Her act did not only shock everyone but also earned her real trust from the patients and therefore, could succeed.

This sounded simple but it was in fact extremely difficult, as a wrong step would lead to fatality.

Fortunately, she won!

Of course, she did not explain everything in detail but explained it mysteriously so that they believed what she said, yet they were still puzzled.

As expected, the crowd was stupefied, stunned, and also bewildered! Of course, they were greatly admiring Gu Xijiu too.

This world had enchantresses but they were extremely rare and mysterious. Therefore, not many people knew who they were.

Furthermore, they did not easily attack anyone but once they did, it would definitely be a knockout and a painful lesson - n.o.body dared to antagonize them…

Because they were very mysterious and strong, barely anyone could break their curses. Therefore, the people of this land were very much respecting and fearing the enchantresses simultaneously.

They did not expect Gu Xijiu to lift the curse so easily, let alone lifting the Dead Curse!

How could she be useless? She was totally a well sought-after genius instead!

Such a genius would be treated like a VIP with luxury wherever she went. Unfortunately, she was known as a useless person in Feixing Kingdom for so many years.

What a sin!

The emperor could not help but look at the twelfth prince, Rong Yan, who was standing at the side. He previously felt sorry for his son, but now he felt that the latter could no longer match her standards!

However, she could not regret now as this marriage had been decided for so many years now.

The emperor could only try to figure out ways for them to get married as soon as possible to prevent more unforeseen circ.u.mstances!

Those days, he had lost Luo Xinglan because he was a step slower than the others. Therefore, the emperor decided to be quick to make a decision this time. He turned towards Gu Xietian and asked, "Minister Gu, Xijiu is already thirteen years old, right?"

Gu Xietian replied with manner, "Yes, she is currently thirteen years and four months old."

The emperor nodded his head, "She’ll be fifteen after about another year and she would be old enough to be married into the imperial family. I’m considering an engagement party for the two of them first. What do you think?"

What could Gu Xietian say?

He immediately knelt, "Your Majesty, I will obey your orders."

The emperor looked towards Rong Yan, "My twelfth son, what do you think?"

Rong Yan immediately replied, "I will obey Father’s arrangement."

Up to this moment, he was completely satisfied with this marriage! As for Gu Tianqing, he could only put her on hold.

He would try to convince Gu Tianqing to abort the fetus and then wait for the right timing to have her as his concubine. After all, her body had been given to him and she could not get married to other men anymore…

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