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It was indeed an odd sickness! Unfortunately, the two kids had now become dumb and could not speak a word.

In fact, the two kids were literate but their hands were shaking and rendered them not able to write a single word. Therefore, n.o.body could ask what exactly happened to them in the Dark Forest.

The Dark Forest was a well-known forbidden area in Feixing Kingdom. There were rumors about the forest that it had numerous human-eating monstrous beasts, and an illusionary mud which you cannot escape from once you have been bogged down. Therefore, people normally dared not enter, so they never expected that these two innocent kids would intrude the forest!

The emperor casted his hopeful gaze towards Gu Xijiu and Gu Xixi, "Can both of you identify the symptoms of their disease?"

Gu Xixi looked at the two kids, "Which one of you are willing to let me do a diagnosis?"

The eyes of the two kids brightened but they could not talk, so they nodded their head in unison!

The feeling of pride flashed through the eyes of Gu Xixi but she sighed softly, "But I can only heal one of you, because the other one would be given to the sixth Gu daughter." She pointed at Gu Xijiu with her thin and long finger.

Panic flashed through the eyes of the two kids.

Gu Xixi chuckled, "Which one of you are willing to be seen by the sixth Gu daughter? She could probably heal your illness by sheer luck."

The two kids were shaking their head fast.

The people, "…"

Gu Xixi finally regained her reputation. She took a glance at Gu Xijiu, "It seems that they can't trust the sixth Gu daughter. But they are placing me in a very difficult position because I can only heal one."

Yu Gelao could not contain himself and said, "Saint, if you can save one of my children, please be merciful enough to save another one after you win the bet."

Gu Xixi pursed her lips, "No way, I can only save one! Gelao, as you are their father, you can help them choose."

Yu Gelao was looking at his two sons and was struggling to decide. Finally, he was determined and pointed his finger, "Saint, please do save Mubai." He was pointing towards his younger son, Yu Mubai, whose spirit power was a little bit higher than his elder brother, Yu Muqing.

Yu Mubai eyes brightened, while Yu Muqing eyes showed despair.

Gu Xixi took a glance at Gu Xijiu again, in hopes of seeing any embarra.s.sment on this little girl’s face, but she was disappointed!

Gu Xijiu was standing there looking calm and her little mouth even showed a faint smile. She also seemed to have turned a blind eye to the expression of the two kids.

Gu Xixi was slightly disappointed but she was feeling delighted in her heart!

The symptoms of these two kids were strange, but she was fortunate to have seen similar cases before and used to see how his master, Long Siye, treated his patients. What made her even more delighted was that she had the medicine to cure the disease in her storage bag!

She took a shallow breath; she was going to win this round! She was certain that Gu Xijiu had not seen the same symptoms, let alone possess the medicine to cure the disease!

She felt the pulse of Yu Mubai for a moment and was even more certain of her diagnosis. At the same time, her eyes glimmered with delight too.

Yu Gelao kept staring at her and when she finished feeling his pulse, he asked, "How is it? What the disease? Can he be saved?"

Gu Xixi replied indifferently, "He is poisoned with a strange colorless and tasteless poison, which cannot be detected. If he’s not cured accordingly, he will die in half a month's time!" The two kids had been poisoned for fourteen days now!

In other words, the two kids had only a day left!

The people was shocked, the voice of Yu Gelao shivered even more, "Saint, you should be able to cure him, right?"

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