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"Isn’t this girl the sixth Gu daughter?"

"Sigh, the day is too dark - I can’t see her face clearly. But she does look like her! Other than this one, there should not be any other child, right?"

"That’s her!"

"Sixth Gu Daughter, keep it up! We support you!"

"Stop it, Mr. Hong. You are support her, but you are also betting on Saint Gu? You should change your bet if you are supporting her!"

"I’m not regretting my bet. Despite putting my bet on Saint Gu, my heart is supporting the sixth Gu Daughter…"

"Both of you are not honest and kind at all. I have put my bet on the sixth Gu daughter and this is real support! Sixth Gu daughter, you’d have to win, I have bet ten ounces of silver after all - a year's salary of my household!"


It was very noisy and there was a hive of activity downstairs. People seemed to enjoy watching the spectacle of an useless person starting over again with a good chance! Furthermore, this sixth Gu daughter was not any other useless person…


The noise downstairs could be heard from upstairs. Gu Xijiu’s lips slightly curved and she did not say anything but she extended her hand into a ‘no worries’ gesture. Immediately, the people downstairs cheered for her!

In the beginning, Gu Xijiu wanted to keep a low-profile, but it had turned the other way around. Therefore, she had decided to keep a high-profile until the end of the day!

Gu Xixi was gnashing her teeth in anger and grinned, "Little kids like you always enjoy being frivolous, don't you? Be warned that you’ll have your tongue cut off when you lose later!"

Gu Xijiu glanced back and rebuked her with only three words, "Oh, really now?" Her tone was indifferent and disdainful.

Gu Xixi, "…" She had a feeling that her mockery was to no avail.

She was not going to lose! She, a Tianwen Saint, was not going to lose to this little ugly girl who was still wet behind the ears!


The pair of twin brothers were about fourteen to fifteen years old. They had rosy lips, white teeth and were good-looking.

But the two of them looked so pale at the moment. They had to gasp for breath with every few steps they took. They were so weak that they looked like they were going to fall. The person who came with them was their father, a third-ranked court official.

This court official looked haggard while trying to lead his two kids to kowtow. However, they could barely stand after getting free from their servants’ support. They finally knelt but they could not stand up at all and thus, they could not perform the formalities of three kneels and nine kowtows.

The emperor waved his hand, "Yu Gelao, your sons are seriously ill, hence, they don’t have to perform the formalities. Just rise and get on your feet."

The servants then came forward and helped the two children to their seat.

"Yu Gelao, I remembered that your two young men were usually very active and their kungfu were good too. They were even being chosen as disciples of Jiuxing clan a month ago. What had happened to them all of a sudden?"

"Your Majesty, it is a long story indeed…" Yu Gelao was probably very worried for his two sons, and with a faltering voice, he briefly described what had happened to his two sons.

It turned out that after these two kids were chosen by Jiuxing clan, they were so delighted that they went on an adventure to the Dark Forest without the knowledge of the family. Then, they went missing for three days and three nights before they managed to escape. But alas, they gradually became dumb and got weaker and weaker everyday after their return. They had also consulted many doctors, but none of them could identify the cause of their sickness.

The emperor turned to Imperial Physician Zhou beside him, "You have seen them, what do you think?"

Imperial Physician Zhou replied while bowing with respect, "Your Majesty, we have been seeing these two children, but we apologize for being helpless in this. We cannot identify the cause of their sickness, indeed. Other than the weak pulses of both these children, everything else looks normal, but their bodies are getting weaker even after consuming all the necessary warm tonics."

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