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"I thought she possessed an exceptionally high ability to be able to diagnose a person by just touching the pulse and looking at the face, but the result she diagnosed was indeed a serious mistake! Besides, if the treatment method for congenital and post-natal diagnoses is the same, it would be alright for her not to ask anything. However, the treatment method for each of these two types are totally different! And Saint Gu did not diagnose properly but made a conclusion that this red patch can no longer be eliminated. Isn’t this carelessness uncanny?"

Gu Xixi, "…"

Her snow-white face was blushing as she had never expected that she would be caught red-handed.

"You…what do you know? I’m not an ordinary doctor after all, I can't accurately diagnose someone by touching pulses and looking at faces without asking further! Besides, the red patch on your face is hidden deeply between your skin and muscles. Regardless of whether it is congenital or post-natal, it cannot be healed. Therefore, my conclusion is not wrong! I am more concerned about the results and not the process when I attend to a patient…" She argued her way out.

Nonetheless, what Gu Xixi said was relatively reasonable.

After all, Gu Xietian had not only brought Gu Xijiu to many doctors, the royal family had also sent an imperial physician after the red patch grew on Gu Xijiu's face, but the result was still the same – it could not be healed.

Even though Gu Xixi diagnosed her inaccurately, what she said was the same as other doctors and physicians. Therefore, n.o.body could claim that she was wrong.

The people shifted their focus towards Gu Xijiu, and wanted to see what she was going to say.

Gu Xijiu stayed calm, "What you meant is that my patch can no longer be healed?"

"Yes, you are right!"

"What if I say…it could be healed?"

Gu Xixi, "…How is that possible? Who told you that?"

Gu Xixi had her little finger pointing towards herself, "I myself, of course!"

Gu Xixi chuckled, "What nonsense! You don't know anything about medicine at all, and you are not even a normal doctor, how can you possibly know how to?"

"I don't know about medicine?" Gu Xijiu said lightly, "Then let us put it to the test! If I lose, I’ll lose this bet, but if I win, your medicinal skills are even poorer than a kid. What else would you be if you aren’t useless?"

Gu Xixi, "…"

The rest of the people, "…"

This useless and ugly girl knew medicinal skills? And she event wanted to challenge Saint Gu?!

The whole audience was getting excited!

If Gu Xijiu said so at the beginning, n.o.body would believe her and would think that she was talking nonsense and boasting aimlessly.

However, after the match between the two of them, the people suddenly felt that it would not be odd even if this little girl did know some medicinal knowledge.

Everyone had their eyes widened; even the emperor was excited and stood up! His eyes were staring directly at the face of Gu Xijiu.

From Gu Xijiu’s performance earlier, he could see that she knew some medicinal skills, but he wondered if her medicinal skills could be better than Saint Gu's?

Even if she can be about half as good as Gu Xixi, instead of being better, she was already a great doctor and can already be qualified as an expert!

Not many good doctors were available in this world and it was even rarer to have an expert around.

If the medicinal skills of Gu Xijiu were high, that would definitely a blessing to Feixing Kingdom! She would no longer be considered useless, but a treasure instead!

Not only the eyes of the emperor brightened, the officials of the courts too, were staring at Gu Xijiu with their shining eyes and wanted to see her performance.

Rong Jialuo finally spoke, "Celestial Master You, Father, would you allow them to compete?"

The emperor agreed with gusto and declared instantly, "A compet.i.tion should definitely be in order to identify who the genuinely talent is; I agree!"

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