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Gu Xixi was stunned. She felt Gu Xijiu’s pulse at the general’s mansion mainly because she was doubting her ident.i.ty and wanted to check if she had any spirit power. Therefore, she was just using that as a reason to see her, and did not actually diagnose her seriously. She arrived a conclusion hurriedly as she saw that the appearance of that patch was similar to a birthmark.

When she heard Gu Xijiu mentioning this, her heart skipped a beat and she could not help but take a glance at her face again... but it was still looked like a birthmark to her!

She raised her head, "Of course it’s congenital, and your patch is a birthmark!"

Gu Xijiu smiled, "Then, do you know when I first had this patch?"

Gu Xixi was shocked because Gu Xijiu asked her the question which she did not know the answer to. After all, Gu Xixi had high status and rank while Gu Xijiu was just a daughter of a general and she was also a useless person.

All she knew was that Gu Xijiu was horrid-looking and useless.

Therefore, she could only a.s.sume logically, "You should have had it since birth."

As soon as she replied, she saw that many were shaking their head and there were quite a number of them…

Her heart skipped a beat and she explained, "Birthmarks are generally congenital, but some could form after birth. Nonetheless, some are barely seen by the naked eye at birth and would later become darker." She explained fluently and kept an exit route for herself.

"Then, which type does mine belong to?" Gu Xijiu asked.

"It should…should belong to the second type." Gu Xixi replied.

Gu Xijiu laughed, "The second type? What Saint Gu said was that I had this birthmark when I was born but it had been very light and over time, it became darker, thus appearing?"

"That’s right!"

"Then, do you know when this birthmark became easily spotted by others?"

Gu Xixi was clenching her fist in her sleeve as she did not know the answer.

She could not help but look at Rong Chu, with a glimmer of hope that he could give her a hint.

As Rong Chu and her were in the same ship, he hinted to her by quietly showing his three fingers.

Though he wanted to hint to her via the Directed Audio method, Celestial Master You and Tian Jiyue had set up a circle which prevented the use of any spells and any kungfu that uses spirit power.

"It's three months!" Gu Xixi replied. From what she knew, such birthmark usually appeared within a few months after birth.

Rong Chu, "…"

Others who knew the answer, "…"

Rong Chu could not help but coughed out, "What’s the relationship between the time it appeared and the illness? In any case, the patch is still on your face - what’s the difference between three months and three years?"

What he said was obviously proving that he was clueless. The face of Gu Xixi darkened slightly as she knew that she had made another mistake again. The red patch that had grown out suddenly after three years was usually no longer a birthmark…

Gu Xijiu smirked. She did not care about these two people but she turned to a famous imperial physician, "Your Excellency Xing, is there any difference between the appearances of a red patch within three years and three months?"

His Excellency Xing was honest and frank, "Definitely there is. When it occurs after three years old, it is usually caused by some post-natal factors. On the other hand, when it appears within three months, it is usually a birthmark. Therefore, they are two very different things. However, Miss Gu is currently thirteen years old and thus, no doctors could identify when exactly the mark appeared by just looking at it. He will need to inquire in detail before he can make a comprehensive diagnosis."

"Oh yes, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if Saint Gu is not able to estimate when it appeared, right? How could you use this reason to claim that she is useless?" Rong Chu chimed in.

Gu Xijiu laughed and teased, "It’s general knowledge for a good doctor to ask more about the patient, but Saint Gu didn’t even ask a single question but instead, diagnosed it immediately. If that isn’t useless, what would she be?"

The people in the crowd, "…"

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