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"The Divine Garnet Furnace is an eighth-graded alchemy furnace which can refine eighth-graded extraordinary elixirs, hence, is one of the best. Gu Xijiu, if you win, this alchemy furnace will belong to you. I’ll carve your name on it myself so that n.o.body can steal it from you. When you die, this alchemy furnace will be crushed and buried together with you. But if you are alive, anyone else who has it is considered a thief. I myself, will help you get it back and punish the thief.

On the other hand, if you lose, I’ll cut your tongue and make sure that you will become the concubine of the twelfth prince and never to be raised to the status of a wife…" The voice of Tian Jiyue rang in the hall like a chilly spring breeze. He scanned through the people, "Do you understand me?"

Gu Xixi’s face turned slightly pale as this was the first time she had seen this Divine Garnet Furnace. Besides, the main reason she came out from the clan and got closer to Rong Chu was to get this alchemy furnace.

She had yet to identify an opportunity for Rong Chu to give her the alchemy furnace as a gift; it had now become a prize here.

It would be alright if she had won, but if it turns out the other way round, she would be hopeless forever then!

She had an idea that she would be able to get the alchemy furnace back even if Gu Xijiu was lucky enough to win. After all, she was useless and therefore, could not keep it safe.

She was feeling somewhat remorseful, but when she saw Gu Xijiu looking very confident, she felt so even more.

But alas, she had no opportunity to turn back. Furthermore, it was truly fair and square - she could not say anything else but to gnash her teeth and respond, "Understood."

The rest had no objections too.

Tian Jiyue tapped his finger on the table. The tap sounded nice, like how one would be tapping on the heart of a person. He then said, "Gu Xijiu, you can start telling us your reasons."

The big stage was full with people but it was so quiet, you could even hear a pin drop.

Everyone was focusing on Gu Xijiu, and wanted to listen to the explanation she could come up with.

Despite all eyes being on Gu Xijiu, she was cool, calm and collected. Then, she finally spoke, "Your Excellency Shumishi, does the Tianwen Overlord have a disciple known as Gu Xixi?"

Shumishi did not expect first question Gu Xijiu asked, would be directed to him. As he had all the knowledge about the world, he definitely knew about this, hence, he immediately nodded his head, "Yes, Gu Xixi is the Tianwen Saint, the youngest disciple of the Tianwen Overlord."

Gu Xijiu nodded and continued, "Since she’s a disciple of the Overlord, she would clearly know the behavior and att.i.tude of her master, right? And she should also protect the image of her master, yes?"

What she said was true, and the audience was nodding their head.

Gu Xixi could not help but to growl, "I definitely know about the behavior and att.i.tude of my master. I’m also loyal to my master and definitely not allowing anyone to discredit him! What are you trying to say?"

Gu Xijiu smirked, "Are you sure you know about your master's behavior? Alright, let me ask you then, how many patients has he healed these years? And what are the ident.i.ties of these people?"

Gu Xixi was stunned, she did not really calculate the total number, as she was turned disciple rather late.

Nonetheless, she did not want to admit that. Therefore, she secretly took a breath and replied, "I definitely know the answer, and my master does not just attend to a patient so easily. Just the other day, the prince of Haoyue Kingdom who was seriously ill, could not even invite my master to see him…"

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