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Di Fuyi would come and go as he pleased. It would sometimes take years before he showed himself. His presence was not exactly favorable to the people right now, so the perception of his achievements worsened as days went by.

Gu Xijiu came with a force too strong to be neglected. She did not only manage the issues with the fake Celestial Master Zuo, expiate the sorrowful souls of their sins and save the life of the emperor, Rong Jialuo, she also obliged to every plea from the people in trouble. She was a savior of the people for guiding them out of their miseries.

The people appreciated her in their hearts for what she had done for them, so the respect that they had for her grew stronger and stronger. They adored her very much. In their opinion, her prestige continued to surpa.s.s Celestial Master Zuo. Therefore, her conferment as the National Celestial Master was exactly what the people hoped for. Their support for her was genuine.

When the news of her latest conferment became widespread, all her friends came to congratulate her. Some of the first ones were her friends from the forbidden land. Then, her friends from Tianju Hall came as well. Others were the heaven's gift disciples. Lastly, the King of the mermaids, Lan Yaoguang, showed up too.

For three consecutive days, her residence was an unprecedentedly happening place, full of guests and carriages. Gu Xietian made his way back to her residence as well. He was a general who had been in the political world for a long while, so his hospitality for her guests was unquestionably good. He would not want to embarra.s.s her daughter.

Luo Xinglan was there with both her sons. She could not care less about Gu Xietian's presence. Nonetheless, she was willing to take part as Gu Xijiu's housekeeper to manage the household.

She did not come alone. Some of her disciples came along with her. The disciples were her loyal followers, so they would certainly treat Gu Xijiu well. Although the establishment of Gu Xijiu's residence was carried out on a short notice, everything was in good order and well arranged.

As for Luo Zhanyu, he spent three days in Gu Xijiu's residence. Along with the rest of the group from the forbidden land, their roles were to be Gu Xijiu's guardians by her side.

Gu Xijiu, as the master of the residence, was not very occupied. She only had to entertain the guests who came to celebrate her success. If she refused to see them, she could always count on Gu Xietian to host the guests on her behalf.

Perhaps Rong Jialuo truly intended to elevate her potential. The residence that he built for her was even more extravagant than the residences of Celestial Master Zuo and Celestial Master You.

The architecture of the residence was completed with wide roof trusses and a distinguished design for the halls. The surroundings were imbued with a sense of calm and serenity.

In the yard, there was a small bridge over the flowing stream. A sense of considerable ingenuity was employed in the design of the pavilion. Gu Xijiu took a stroll around the residence to enjoy different views.

Rong Jialuo had indeed put in a lot of effort in the construction of her residence. The aesthetic of the place was comparable to that of the Grand View Garden, which was ill.u.s.trated in the cla.s.sic masterpiece- Dream of the Red Chamber. The scenes shifted from corner to corner as she moved on. Every part of the view was a picturesque landscape of supreme elegance along with a quaint old charm.

The eunuch, who had been following her, smiled and took the opportunity to please her. "National Celestial Master, the place is entirely designed by the emperor himself. Are you pleased with the result?"

She did not expect Rong Jialuo to have such an obstinate determination in the design of the place.

Gu Xijiu nodded in approval. "I am very much happy. Please thank the emperor for me."

The eunuch smilingly agreed.

The residence had a man-made lake. Willows of tender green along the lake swung gently in the breeze. The pavement along the sh.o.r.e of the lake was covered in multicolored stones. At the end of the road, there was a vast area of bamboo groves. The soughing of the wind in the canopy of bamboo branches could be heard from afar.

Gu Xijiu was strolling along the sh.o.r.e to enjoy the lake view. The place seemed familiar like she had probably been there in the old days.

She thought about it and was reminded by a sudden realization. She then turned to the eunuch to seek for his opinion, "Did this residence used to belong to the eighth prince?"

The eunuch smiled apologetically and explained, "Your eyes are sharp. Indeed, the place used to be the eighth prince's residence. Eight years ago, the property was confiscated when the eighth prince was found to be guilty of treason."

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