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Chapter 109: How Could I? You Have Overthought!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The items inside the box were cheap and low quality. He had given her marbles, ribbons, a few coins, and a tiny bell... There were quite a number of things inside the box, but all were worthless!

The most valuable one was the copper hairpin which would not cost more than one dollar... Gu Xietian could not believe that a prince would give such things to his fiancée, it was even worse than those who could only earn an average income. Gu Xietian was very upset.

Initially, Gu Xietian thought his daughter was not feeling well. However, he now felt that the prince deserved to be insulted when he saw those gifts in the box.

Anyhow, he was a prince from the royal family and also the fiancé of his daughter, Gu Xijiu would have a difficult life after she married him if Gu Xietian did not resolve the matter. Hence, Gu Xietian closed the box to prevent others from gossiping. He cleared his throat and said, "Xijiu, all these are given to you by the prince. I’ll help you to keep these and return it to you when you are going to get married."

He then looked at Rong Yan and said, "Your Highness, Xijiu is your fiancée, and she loves you wholeheartedly. Otherwise, she wouldn't even cherish all these worthless gifts. I hope you could put more effort to love her and not disappoint her."

Rong Yan felt embarra.s.sed and guilty, so he said, "I… I’ll treat her nicer."

Gu Xijiu tilted her head and looked at Rong Yan before saying, "How nice?" She continued to ask, "Would you treat me as nicely as how you treat Sister Tianqing?"

Rong Yan was stunned and said, "We are just friends, and I treat her just like how I treat other friends. It's different. You'll be my wife in the future."

Although he was scolding her, he felt touched in his heart. Was Gu Tianqing jealous? She must have loved him if she got jealous.

Gu Xijiu replied, "I see. Oh ya! I heard someone say that friends are like our arms and your wife is just the clothes. Would you sacrifice your clothes for your arms?"

Rong Yan was speechless. He then said, "How could it be? You've overthought! I'll treat you nicely in the future and won't let anyone bully you."

Gu Xijiu lifted the teacup and sought advice from Gu Tianqing, "Have I overthought?"

Gu Tianqing turned pale. She was furious to the point where she could not stop pinching the edge of her sleeve. She smiled forcefully and said, "You've overthought, my dear sister. We are just friends…"

The show had come to an end. The Crown Prince was watching silently, and he suddenly stood up and raised a toast to Gu Xietian, "General Gu, you’re the pillar of our dynasty, thank you. Cheers!"

According to the rules in the Feixing Kingdom, the va.s.sals had to kneel to thank the kings when the kings cheered with them.

Gu Xietian was familiar with the courtesy and quickly knelt down, "Thank you, Your Highness. Cheers!"

Rong Jialuo took a few steps forward and intended to help him get up. However, he accidentally kicked the chair which Gu Xijiu was sitting on and fell onto her!

Gu Xijiu was watching his handsome face enlarge rapidly. She wanted to initiate teleportation, but she tried to control herself.

Rong Jialuo slumped clumsily onto her!

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