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Chapter 106: The Gentle Crown Prince

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Xijiu was stunned as she realized her misbehavior. She quickly held her forehead and swayed a little, "I feel dizzy…"

Gu Xietian quickly said, "Girl, you’re probably drunk. Go get some rest."

Gu Xietian seemed to understand her wishes. However, Rong Jialuo stopped her when she was about to leave, "It’s alright, I don’t think a gla.s.s of wine could make her drunk. I have a pill which could help to relieve the dizziness; you just need to eat it."

He took the pill out as he talked and then pa.s.sed it to Gu Xijiu.

He was so considerate that he especially told the servant to bring a gla.s.s of hot water for her. Gu Xijiu did not manage to leave but took the pill and swallowed it together with the water.

"How do you feel?" Rong Jialuo asked caringly.

"I’m feeling better." Gu Xijiu only could say so. In fact, she was not drunk at all.

A gla.s.s of wine was an easy thing for her, and she could recognize that the pill given to her by the Crown Prince was of high-quality. Even if she drank a big bottle of alcohol, she should still be able to recover after consuming this pill.

Indeed! The Crown Prince had many treasures with him!

Gu Xijiu sighed secretly, and she could only sit there and wait.

Everyone was surprised with what they had seen.

They did not expect the Crown Prince to be so caring! And the one he cared for was the ugliest of the lot...

All the sisters envied her. They also found it strange as Gu Xijiu’s fiance was there! Why was the Crown Prince treating her so nicely when his brother was there?

Rong Yan felt uncomfortable. However, he could not understand why. He considered that as his male ego... He coughed and was about to speak. However, Rong Jialuo said, "Miss Gu, our mothers were very close friends. She was furious when she heard that someone got you into trouble earlier. Thus, she told me to bring something for you…"

He took out an object from his sleeve and delivered it to Gu Xijiu. Everyone was shocked when they saw the object. It was a bracelet with colorful gems! Its design and color looked exactly like the Firmament Stone Bracelet she was already wearing!

Even before Gu Xijiu managed to respond, the Firmament Stone Bracelet on her wrist was mad!

"Fake! It’s pirated! Highly pirated! No, no! Lousy pirated! I look so much better than this one! If you don’t believe me, I’ll transform back to my original appearance…" The Firmament Stone Bracelet was cursing and screaming in Gu Xijiu’s mind as it nearly exploded!

"Calm down, Stony!" Gu Xijiu tapped on the bracelet. She looked gentle, but the way she delivered the message to the stone was very firm. "He is testing me. I'll put you on the frozen bed to freeze you for 10,000 years if you dare to transform!"

The Firmament Stone Bracelet remained silent and did not dare to make any noise.

Gu Xijiu did not bother it anymore but shook her head. She smiled and said, "Your Highness, this is too valuable, how could I accept it for free? Besides that, I’ve already got a bracelet. Thank you for your kindness."

Rong Jialuo looked at the bracelet and said, "Miss Gu, your bracelet… seems to be too simple. It doesn’t match you…"

The Firmament Stone was really mad!

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