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The relatively large hot spring pool became quiet as it was before. That beautiful princess was sitting on the chair for a moment, and the corner of her lips suddenly curved a little. With some movements, those straps which were tied on her suddenly disintegrated into powder and not even a string was left.

She slowly stood up and the large red robe tailed her on the floor like a stream of fire.

She closed her eyes slightly and her body suddenly grew taller. She was about 1.78 meters but she had now grown to about 1.82 meters!

Fortunately, the robe on her body was large enough that it still looked loose even after growing a head taller. The lapels were still the same as it was initially, only covering her shoulder partially and thus, exposing her fair skin.

The robe was still very loose and there was still nothing protruding from her chest.

Her features were slightly changed too. She was beautiful but now, with an added aura of inexplicable carefree and evil charm.

No, she was indeed not a she! But a he!

Though he was very beautiful, he was truly a man!

His eyebrows were slightly curved up and when he raised his hands to take a look, his fingers were as fair as jade and they were as long as bamboo.

He raised his hand to touch his lips and suddenly he laughed…

It seemed to get more interesting…


The following stopping point for Gu Xijiu was a place whereby n.o.body would expect – the mansion of Kunw.a.n.g.

Upon mentioning this place, everyone in the capital city would know of it.

It was because of the person living in it was the most famous person in Feixing Kingdom – the fourth prince, Rong Chu, who was also known as the Kunw.a.n.g!

The vicinity of the Kunw.a.n.g mansion was very large, where countless of magnificent towers and palaces were connected.

Rong Chu always had a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, his mansion was the most magnificent among those of the princes and was also more impressive than the mansion of the crown prince, Rong Jialuo.

Rong Chu was more lascivious too. He had many concubines who were very beautiful, in his kingdom. Rumour also has it that the servant who had to help him change his commode was beautiful too.

Though Rong Chu had not been officially married yet, he had numerous concubines by his side already.

Fortunately, the houses in his mansion were more than enough - each concubine was even given a house.

As there were many concubines, there were lots of fighting and daily rivalry in the "inner sanctum".

Those who won would enjoy special favors from Rong Chu, while those who lost would either die or be locked up in the cold palace.

The cold palace in the mansion of Rong Chu was unique and different from any other traditional cold palaces.

The outer appearance of the cold palace was no different from the other houses in the mansion of Kunw.a.n.g, but its interior was a world of its own.

All the furniture, including the bed, were made of frost jade. Therefore, regardless of the season, the cold palace was as cold as an ice cellar! In addition, the cold palace was also home to some poisonous creatures.

For example, the 'frost flame scorpion' which could move as fast as lightning and could turn you into a living ice sculpture immediately in just one bite; the 'ice heart nibbler' which did not move fast but once it bit its prey, it never let it go; and the "cold walker ant" which enjoys running all over the place to sting people with their hairy legs, that was capable of causing blisters all over the body…

These three creatures were extremely poisonous and n.o.body could come out alive once they entered.


One would either be frozen into an ice sculpture and then eaten alive by the ice heart nibbler, or get blistered to death, stung by the cold walker ants…

Those ladies who were forced to enter this place could never survive more than three days.

It was the heaven for those poisonous creatures, but the most dreaded place for the concubines living in Kunw.a.n.g mansion. Many beautiful ladies came walking in but none of them could leave; not even remnants of dead bodies were left, as they were all being turned into a ma.s.s of bones.

Therefore, n.o.body would dare enter this place, not even the servants and guards, who usually tried to take a detour.

And of all places, this was the resting point of Gu Xijiu.

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