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Furthermore, she had yet to know how to use the oven of the era to refine the panacea!

The vision of the beautiful princess was focusing on the bottle in her hand; her eyes glimmering as if she wanted to say something but she could not say anything because of her stuffed mouth.

The panacea required meditation to work, therefore, Gu Xijiu started to meditate immediately after she swallowed the pill.

The pill was quite effective. Gu Xijiu meditated for just about a minute, and her chest pains had reduced! She almost could utilize her teleportation technique again.

She opened her eyes and was looking right into the pair of indescribable beautiful eyes of the beautiful princess.

Gu Xijiu paused slightly and was about to do something. Then, a voice was suddenly heard from outside, "Princess, is everything alright?"

That voice was unexpectedly coming from a man, presumably the princess’s guard, who came inquiring, because the princess had not come out even after a long time.

The focus of the beautiful princess shifted to the face of Gu Xijiu and her eyes appeared to be laughing indistinctly as she was waiting for her to pull the sleeve out from her mouth, so that she could reply.

Nonetheless, she was not expecting that Gu Xijiu would reply so soon after the man had finished his sentence, "Yes, I’m good." Her voice and even her tone were surprisingly, the same as that of the beautiful princess.

The beautiful princess was staring at her and an astonishment finally flashed through her watery eyes.

It seemed that she had not expected that Gu Xijiu had mastered the voice disguising technique too. Her imitation was indeed perfect!

Gu Xijiu then stood up and pulled out the sleeve from her mouth, "You know too much about me now, I should have killed you!"

The beautiful princess immediately replied, "I promise that I won’t say anything. What happened today will be just a dream to me and I’ll forget everything after I wake up!"

Gu Xijiu, "…" This princess was truly very smart that she almost could not retaliate.

She slightly paused before she rummaged her sleeve and took out a small bottle. Then, she poured out a red pill and stuffed it into the mouth of the beautiful princess without her permission and forced the pill down her throat. She said lightly, "This is the Wuduanchang poison. You won’t feel anything when you consume it, but if you don’t have an antidote, you will be poisoned in a month - your intestines and bowels will rot and you will die eventually."

The eyes of the beautiful princess glistened, "If I say nothing to anybody, you will give me the antidote in time right?"

"Clever girl! I will... only if you are well-behaved. I’ll get somebody to send you the antidote on the night of 28th day."

"I’ll behave myself." The beautiful princess promised.

Gu Xijiu slightly nodded her head and used her knife to cut haphazardly on the straps tied on the body of the beautiful princess.

"You aren’t releasing me yet?" The beautiful princess wondered.

"Struggle with all your strength and you will break it after about an hour."

"Oh." The beautiful princess started to struggle on the chair.

Gu Xijiu ignored her and she was moving around with a special fragrant to remove her own body odor and breath. After she was certain that she had left no evidence behind, she made a perfect turn and just as she wanted to teleport, she suddenly stopped to steal a glance of the beautiful princess.

That beautiful princess immediately looked back at her and when they made eye contact, Gu Xijiu cursed, "b.i.t.c.h!" in her heart!

She wondered how this beautiful princess reincarnated. Her eyes were so attractive and Gu Xijiu’s heart skipped a beat whenever she looked at her eye to eye! She could not bear to hurt her and she would do whatever it took to be kind to her.

Perhaps this was the legendary pair of beautiful eyes?

Gu Xijiu slightly paused and said, "You ought to have more papaya soup, pig’s knuckles, soybeans, peanuts…"

Seeing the glimmering and puzzled eyes of the beautiful princess, she added, "These can help to enlarge your bosoms!" She teleported as soon as she finished her sentence.

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