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"This crown prince is truly blind! I can’t believe that he thought I, the G.o.dly jade, was unworthy and gave you another million!" The Firmament Stone was annoyed.

"Obviously the life of the crown prince is more valuable." Gu Xijiu replied indifferently.

"He is not as worthy as I am!" The Firmament Stone said indignantly.

"But in his heart, a million ounces of silver was worth more and thus enough for my consultation fee. And you…were an absolute gift."

The Firmament Stone Bracelet, "…" It was so hurt that it cannot help but to shine…

It was so cool when it shines; it looked like a flashing colorful lightbulb.

"Who’s there?!"

"Anyone in hiding, come out!" A team of patrolling soldiers was attracted by the bright light and rushed over quickly.

d.a.m.n it!

Gu Xijiu forcefully breathed in, moved her body and disappeared on the spot!

Those running soldiers, "…"

Saw a ghost!

These soldiers stared at each other and dispersed to search around the lane but did not get to see anything…

"Something’s happening!"

"Something’s wrong!"

"Would this man be the one that the fourth prince wanted to find?"

"Maybe! This person has been acting so surrept.i.tiously... let’s report it quickly to the fourth prince’s people…" The group of soldiers was making a lot of noise and quickly, they released a signal to other patrolling teams and the large-scale hunting had begun again in the city…


Gu Xijiu felt that she was not alright during this teleportation. She was not even halfway when she felt suffocated. Then, she became weak and dizzy, which was what made her reappear earlier.

A splash was heard and she saw a bluish, warm and rippling water wave…

She was still in the water! And she was actually at the bottom of the water!

She was not expecting that and almost choked! Subconsciously, she kicked up and finally managed to rise up to the water surface.

She took a breath, wiped away the water from her face and opened her eyes to take a look, but she was shocked!

She knew this stopping point was not as planned, but she did not expect that it would be such a strange place.

White steam was rising while the water surface had bright red petals floating, which gave off a faint, fragrant odor…

It was a hot spring pool for bathing purposes, and it turned out to be a flower petal bath!

It was not a big deal, but what was worse was that there was a beautiful lady floating in the middle of the pool, less than a meter away from her!

As the pool had white steam rising, Gu Xijiu could not see the person’s face clearly but saw only long black hair floating in the water. Besides, with the reflection of the bright red flower petals, the exposed skin of the beauty looked smooth and delicate…

That beauty seemed to be bathing and relaxing but opened her eyes when she heard the noise of Gu Xijiu appearing.

They were facing each other through the steam…

Though Gu Xijiu did not know where she was and who this beauty was, she knew that this place had belonged to a rich man because of the extremely elegant emerald screen seen by the poolside.

As she suddenly appeared at somebody’s "bathtub", the person must be shocked and shrieked instinctively. Probably the shriek would alert the person outside waiting on her…

These ideas flashed through her mind and thus, the first reaction Gu Xijiu did when she saw that beautiful lady was to throw herself towards the beauty!

As she was anxious, her speed was as fast as lightning. Gu Xijiu had thrown herself to the side of the beauty, and with just a blink of that beauty’s eye, she raised her left hand to cover the beauty's little mouth while she held a knife with her right hand to her victim's throat and groaned, "Don't shout!"

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