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"Bang!" A loud sound was followed by a loud rumble, the rack made from hard sandalwood in the room, was disintegrated into powder!

As the sound was too loud, Hei Hu, who kept listening for any suspicious sounds, rushed in instantly, "Your Highness!"

The room was filled with dust, and a man was vaguely seen among the pieces of papers…

"Your Highness?" Hei Hu wanted to jump in and investigate but he was struck, "Get out!" The voice was from Rong Jialuo and he was full of energy.

The crown prince was alright but he was angry! What was more crucial was that the crown prince was still half-naked!

Hei Hu instantly ran away and disappeared from his view.

"Mr. Ren, are you alright?" Rong Jialuo was looking around nervously as he was afraid that his. .h.i.t had smashed him into powder.

"No worries. Your Highness, what an amazing hit. If I didn't escape quickly, I would have been killed by you." Gu Xijiu came out from the side of a pillar.

Rong Jialuo was relieved, "I’m sorry. Your sudden pierce drove me to reacted instinctively…"

"I know!" Gu Xijiu said indifferently, "I have my defense to count on, you won’t hurt me. You may continue now."

Rong Jialuo was shocked, and wondered if it was alright to continue?

He cannot help but to size up Gu Xijiu with a single glance. Her face was still healthily red in color as if she had always been working in a farm and did not differ much from how it previously looked. Suddenly, he remembered something!

As he had sharp senses, he actually felt that he had swept through part of Gu Xijiu…

His. .h.i.t would have killed a ferocious animal instantly but the person in front of him seemed fine.

And his reappearance was so strange. He seemed to be using an invisibility technique but it didn't seem similar…

The invisibility technique just to make a person disappear for only a moment but the very sensitive nose of the mastiff should be able to smell him.

This man actually could conceal himself from the nose of the mastiff, and just reappeared from no where…

What was this strange kungfu move?

Rong Jialuo was considered very knowledgeable about martial arts but he had never heard of such kungfu.

Who was this youth anyway? His Kungfu was so unfathomable!

Would he be the disciple of the legendary lord?!

On this huge land, the lord was the most mysterious and was worshipped as G.o.d. He was also known as a legendary character.

Even Rong Jialuo who had been traveling a lot and had been experiencing the world had just heard of him but had not seen him before.

And on this world, the disciples of the Lord had the most mysterious and unfathomable kungfu because n.o.body had seen them fight before! Those who saw were all dead…

Rong Jialuo was sizing Gu Xijiu up again, wondering if she was the disciple of the Lord?

She could not be!

It was said that the Lord was extremely strict in picking his disciples. The Lord did not only need a spirit power genius, he was also strict on his disciples’ face and body, and he was even stricter than an emperor choosing his concubine.

And the youth in front was not good-looking and was short, hence, did not match with the Lord and his disciples in the legend.

Unless…unless the youth was disguised!

Rong Jialuo suddenly had an urge to pinch the face of the person in front of him!

He wanted to know if he was wearing a human skin mask…

Nonetheless, before he could do anything, the youth already spoke, "Your Highness, you yearn to know my ident.i.ty, don't you?

His thoughts were unbelievably read by the one standing in front of hm!


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