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There was a small forest to the east of the city which was quiet and serene under the moonlight.

Gu Tianqing was running quickly and in just a moment, she had entered the forest. She was very familiar with this area and with just a few turns here and there she had come to the middle of the forest.

There was a man wearing green clothes under a big tree. He was tall and handsome and was looking around the area.

"Brother Rong Yan." Gu Tianqing called him softly and immediately ran towards him.

He was the twelfth prince, Rong Yan. He opened his arm and hugged Gu Tianqing and then he lowered his head and kissed her lips.

It was a long kiss.

While he was kissing Gu Tianqing, his hands were actively browsing her body. He put his hand into her dress and gently carressed around sensually…

After a while, they were half naked. Rong Yan was still a young and strong man. He could resist her and pushed Gu Tianqing down onto the ground to take her pants off…

Obviously, Gu Tianqing was excited too. Her face was flushed but she raised up her hand and stopped Rong Yan, "Brother Rong Yan, cannot…"

Rong Yan gasped heavily and looked at her and said desperately, "Tianqing, give me one more time. I have wanted you for so long…"

Gu Tianqing hugged his waist and said, "I… I want it too, but… I am pregnant now. Brother Rong, please be patient. We still have many chances in future."

Rong Yan refused to give up. He pressed on her and did not allow her to stand up, "Just one more time. I have asked a midwife and she said that it is okay to have s.e.x occasionally even if you are pregnant. We have not been doing it for a long time…"

Gu Tianqing gripped his hand firmly to prevent it from getting into her skirt. "It is okay to have one more time, but not at this place. It will hurt our baby…"

She immediately sat up to put a stop to Rong Yan.

Rong Yan gritted his teeth and spoke, "Argh, I feel like I am suffering…"

Gu Tianqing held his arm and said, "Brother Rong Yan, if you are really so eager, why don’t you marry me as soon as possible? After that, you can do anything you want…"

She was talking very softly but Rong Yan suddenly became silent. He was hugging Gu Tianqing but suddenly released her.

Gu Tianqing hugged him from his back and said, "Brother Rong, I have been pregnant for two months. I can’t wait anymore. You have to think of a way to get rid of that roadblock…"

Rong Yan sighed and did not speak.

Gu Tianqing waited for a moment and did not get a reply from him. She was a bit unsure and asked, "Brother Rong Yan, do you really want to marry that girl…?"

Rong Yan sighed again, "It is the marriage a.s.signed by my father who is the emperor. I don’t think it can be canceled…"

Gu Tianqing was stunned… She asked in a sharp and clear voice this time, "What do you mean? Can’t it be canceled? Do you really want to marry that ugly girl? What about me? Don't you want me anymore?"

She did not sound happy so Rong Yan quickly hugged her and said, "No, I want you. However, you must allow me to think of a way. The trap that we set a few days ago supposed to be able to get rid, however, we never expected that it would turn out to be like this. Not only is she still alive but Rong Yi is now dead. Our plan failed."

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