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The Department of Justice was in-charge of Royal family affairs and the Prime Minister was a person with a strong personality – strict with a calm face; his glance sharp as a knife. He stared at Gu Xijiu and spoke, "Miss Gu, our department received a report saying there was a male stranger that spent the night in your room and you were spotted leaving your room last night to meet the male stranger. Apparently, you were not back all night…"

Again, Gu Xijiu chuckled before replying, "Sir, that is even worse. The person that reported this could be envious of us as a matching couple or jealous of the General's family and therefore would bad mouth and bring shame to my name. There is insufficient evidence to judge. Besides that, Xijiu's courtyard is quite deep into the General's quarters, your source of information should be from an outsider, I presume? Even if the male stranger could sneak in and out of the quarters secretly, how would he know that he is in Xijiu's courtyard? He could have been in someone else’s courtyard…"

One reply and it threw everyone into a shock, even Rong Yan was shaken. Only the Eighth Prince found it fascinating. From his eyes, he seemed fascinated and he said while smiling, "Miss Gu's words are sensible. Master Hu, what do you say about this?"

Master Hu responded, "The informer is a person within the General's quarters."

Gu Xijiu raised her brows and spoke again, "It is unusual for a person from the General quarters to notice this. Why didn't he report to the General or the General's wife instead of going directly to the Department of Justice?"

Master Hu grunted, "This incident will heavily influence the Royal family’s image, hence, the informer was afraid that General and General's wife will dismiss the issue to save face."

Gu Xijiu nodded, "There is some sense to that. However, that does not dismiss the possibility that the informer could seek to defame the General’s family. It may be due to hatred or to get revenge. In fact, for such an incident, words are unable to serve as evidence…"

Rong Che fanned the paper fan and smiled, "I think what Miss Gu said makes sense. Just the words of a witness are not trustworthy enough."

Rong Yan, who was standing beside Rong Che, had a quick glance at him. Rong Che used the folding fan and tap on his shoulder and asked, "My brother, this case has some ambiguity… You wouldn’t think your fiancée to do such an immoral act, right?"

Rong Yan forced a smile and replied quickly, "How is that possible? I… I’m hoping… I hope she’s innocent too."

Gu Xijiu caught a glimpse at Rong Yan. She suspected that he was the culprit since he wanted to annul the marriage! Was he now pretending to be innocent?

This beast-hearted b.a.s.t.a.r.d used a coded message to trick her to leave the quarters, and this morning he intentionally came to her courtyard to investigate. He probably a.s.sumed she was already dead at the secret residence of Count Le Hua. The accusation of her having an affair and followed by her death would make this a great disgrace that n.o.body will pursue to investigate the death of Gu Xijiu.

However, luckily for Gu Xijiu, the current occupant of her body could get to it when she died. She will seek justice for the original owner and return the favor by a hundred-fold!

She looked at Master Hu again, "Mister, do you have any other evidence?"

Master Hu said flatly, "According to the laws of the Feixing KIngdom, a witness alone is sufficient to justify the search of this suspicious courtyard!"

"Mister, so you are going to search Xijiu’s courtyard?"

"You are right! Miss Gu, only by letting our officers perform a search will we able to prove your innocence."

Gu Xijiu let out a sigh and said, "Looks like I can only oblige. However, Xijiu has a request."

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