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Chapter 1394: Celestial Master Zuo
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

One of the a.s.sa.s.sins, whose surname was Zuo, was infuriated. "Li Mengxia, this is where all of you traitors are hiding. All of you have been reduced to such a difficult situation, and yet you are still unrepentant. You are setting up for a big slander against Celestial Master Zuo. Fortunately, the mill of G.o.d grinds slowly, but surely. This time, there is no escape. Accept your fate and surrender now! Perhaps Celestial Master Zuo will spare your life. If you don't, today will be the day you meet your death!"

His words were malicious, but Li Mengxia did not even bother about him. She fixed her eyes only on Elder Liang. "Elder Liang, do you really want to take me back as your bounty?"

Elder Liang's eyes darkened. "Master Li, it is my responsibility. I am sorry." He had been quite loose about the matter for a few times already. This time, he had no other choice.

Li Mengxia swept her eyes across the area. "Are you going to do it as well?"

Some of them put their head down, not looking back. Some were speechless. In fact, Celestial Master Zuo had brought them up, so they were all in a debt of grat.i.tude for him and could only repay him through their loyalty. They would not betray him regardless, even though they knew clearly that he was wrong. They had to carry out his orders.

The a.s.sa.s.sin, whose surname was Zuo, was obviously impatient. "They certainly have to do it. Li Mengxia, their friendship for you will not hinder them from carrying out Celestial Master Zuo's orders."

Li Mengxia squinted at him. "Zuo Yinhu, I found you and brought you back from the trash. I even taught you Kung Fu, so that makes me your teacher. You used to say it again and again that you were in debt of grat.i.tude for me and would stay close just to protect me from any harm. Is this how you are going to repay me?"

The a.s.sa.s.sin's real name was Zuo Yinhu. His face reddened but did not fall back. "I refrain from seeking personal favors at the expense of my merits. I place righteousness above you. No more nonsense, take them! Master Yang has called for their arrest! Kill them if they refuse to surrender!"

His last few words exposed their will to kill.

At this point, they did not have anything more to say, so they started fighting. All of a sudden, sand and stones swept across the ground violently. An intense fight broke out all over the place. Their shadows could be seen swooping everywhere they fought. Lights of all colors flickered across the battlefield.

Li Mengxia and the rest of her group had been hiding in the awful place for quite a while now. They did not eat or sleep well, so their strength had been greatly reduced. All of them were weak.

The men that Elder Liang had brought with him were double their manpower. Moreover, they were all elites of Anying Hall. Any single one of them could handle thousands of men easily. They came prepared in high spirits, so it certainly was a tough fight for Li Mengxia and her men.

One by one, they were injured and arrested. However, Elder Liang did not order for their kill, as he was concerned of their past comradeship.

Li Mengxia's men slowly reduced in number, but she was a tough lady. When she risked her life and fought bravely, her strength and courage were no match for all of them.

They did not want to kill her and were utterly helpless. She even injured some of them. Fortunately, she did not aim to take their lives as well. She only meant to disarm them.

Zuo Yinhu was a man of Master Yang. His presence was merely to supervise. He kept asking them to strike their vicious kill, but no one took his words seriously. His authority was rather ineffective.

His Kung Fu, without a doubt, was no match for Li Mengxia, so he dared not step forward to fight her himself.

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