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Chapter 1297: It Was Difficult To Believe The Lord Won!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Di Fuyi had to try his best to get severely injured while fighting, and so he could not merely show mercy to the beasts. He pondered at the same spot and decided to lower his spiritual power to level six before breaking into the shelter of a level seven beast.

It was the lair of the Single-winged Blue Bear, and there were four of them! The bears were the king of the seventh peak and those in the cave were the leaders among all the Blue Bears. Usually, no other animals dared challenge them as their violent aura was strong enough to scare away all the other beasts within a five-kilometer radius.

An ordinary Single-winged Blue Bears would live alone. However, those living inside the cave were part of a higher realm and understood that they would be more potent if they stayed together. Therefore, they always hunted for food in a group and often marked their territories. It annoyed many other ferocious beasts living at the seventh peak.

Di Fuyi visited the Dark Forest very often, and so he was very familiar with their habits and behaviors. He knew the bears well, and decided to challenge them to achieve his goal as soon as possible!

The four messengers' hearts almost popped out of their bodies, so they decided to follow their master just in case they needed to rescue him.

According to the rules, no one was allowed to provide any a.s.sistance. Therefore, the four messengers did not get physically involved. They just listened to the bears roaring in their shelter!

Their roars were mighty enough to change the weather, and it even made the ground shake vigorously. The four messengers were shocked as they thought that The Lord had overestimated himself!

'You should at least lure them out one by one. Right? How could you break into their home this way? Aren't you worried that you would turn into a 'human floss' beneath their claws?'

The four messengers decided to rush into the cave to rescue their master after listening to the scary roars coming from inside. It was probably better than letting The Lord be torn into pieces.

Surprisingly, before they reached the entrance, a bear was thrown out of the cave!

Soon enough, another one was thrown out of the cave!

Both of the bears looked pitiful as one side of their wings was broken! They quickly started flapping their remaining wing as they tried fleeing the area. Two lines of blood stain were left behind on the ground...

The four messengers looked at each other in disbelief.

It was difficult believing that The Lord had won!

The Lord had already lowered his spiritual power to level six. He would be disqualified if he lowered his spiritual power any further.

If the Blue Bears could not even lay a scratch him, he could only try his luck at the eighth peak.

Gu Xijiu and the other people were trapped in the core of the eighth peak, which was protected by a wizardry barrier. It could protect the people inside from being attacked by the wild animals. Meanwhile, the outer barrier had been created by Di Fuyi and some other people a very long time ago. No one could freely enter, but The Lord had his unique method of traveling in and out of the eighth peak without breaking the barrier.

The people who were pulled into the core of the eighth peak were rescued at the sixth and seventh peak. Would the tree save The Lord if he was endangered at the eighth peak?

The four messengers were extremely worried for their master. However, they quickly stopped thinking about that as they realized that The Lord had not come out after so long.

They panicked and quickly rushed into the cave. 'Gosh!' Their heart almost popped out!

They found two dead bears inside the cave, but their master had gone missing!

'Was he inside the bear's belly or had the tree rescued him as he had hoped?'

The four messengers looked at each other worriedly.

After all, The Lord was a G.o.d. His soul would be there even if the bears swallowed his body. Perhaps, he would return after taking a stroll in h.e.l.l or have an afternoon tea party with the G.o.d of h.e.l.l. Alternatively, he could use his spiritual power to make a new body.

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