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Chapter 1292: She Missed Him So Badly
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She was an expert, and so she knew that everything inside the bridechamber was of the best quality. Di Fuyi was a perfectionist, and so everything that he chose was flawless.

If she had not run away, she would have been sitting on the bed now and waiting for him to open her red veil. They would then drink the Cross-Cupped Wine and then...

Her fingers tried reaching for the quilt underneath her body, and she suddenly thought about a scene whereby the sunrise was shining on the red quilt on the first morning after they had officially become husband and wife.

However, she was unable to touch the quilt and helplessly floated to the top of the bed drapes. She felt depressed as she looked at the bed underneath her.

The door opened, and someone walked into the chamber while she was idling. She peeked out from inside the bed drapes, and her heart suddenly pumped rapidly.

It was Di Fuyi!

He was dressed for the wedding with his red inner robe dragging on the floor. His face looked as fair as a jade due to the red groom's wear.

Gu Xijiu was used to seeing him wear a purple robe or a plain white robe but it was very rare seeing him wear a red robe. Initially, she had thought that he would not look good wearing a red robe. However, she was amazed by his charm now.

Gu Xijiu was shocked as she looked at him in his groom's wear. Why was he still wearing the groom's wear since the wedding was canceled? Di Fuyi did not notice her existence even after he had walked into the room. He sat in front of the table and idled as he looked at the wine set.

Gu Xijiu shifted her gaze onto the wine set as well. She suddenly recalled that it was the one she had wanted a long time ago. At that time, Di Fuyi had turned himself into The Lord and was always annoying her. He even joked about offering her the wine set as a wedding gift if she was willing to get engaged to Celestial Master Zuo...

The past helplessly flashed inside her head, and she suddenly felt her chest tighten. She looked at him, and her blood was boiling inside her body.

Gu Xijiu felt like she had been apart from Di Fuyi for a decade even though she had only left ten days ago... She missed him so badly. She knew that she was inside a dream and he could not see her. Hence, she decided to look at him without having to hide.

She knew that she should leave. Why would she hold onto the relationship since she knew that they were not destined to be together? She should not have shown up here to see him since she had decided to run away.

However, knowing something and executing it was always a different matter. In the end, she comforted herself. Since it was just a dream, she should stay a little longer.

When she awakes from the dream, she would have to face reality again. Di Fuyi sat there for quite long to the point where Gu Xijiu thought he was going to turn into a statue! Perhaps, he planned on sitting there until the apocalypse!

Fortunately, he moved! He raised his hand and grabbed a wine bottle. He filled two gla.s.ses with wine and lifted one of them. He smiled and said as he looked in the opposite direction, "Gu Xijiu, you probably didn't know how long I have been waiting for this moment…"

Even though Gu Xijiu remained silent, her heart was broken deep down inside, and the pain spread throughout her body. She was once looking forward to this moment as well.

Men would look forward to their wedding night, and women were no different. Everyone dreamt of marrying someone that they truly loved.

She was okay to have s.e.x especially with someone she loved. It would probably be a crazy and exciting experience.

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