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Chapter 1291: Was The Bridechamber Still Decorated?
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Xijiu never expected that she would b.u.mp into Long Siye here, and so she subconsciously hid in the bushes. However, she suddenly recalled that people here could not see her.

Indeed, Long Siye and Mu Feng did not see her, and both of them just walked past the bushes without turning their heads. They seemed to be bothered by something as they walked past her silently and left.

Everyone in Fucang Hall seemed to be under a lot of tension and stress. The ambiance was utterly different from the festive environment a few days ago when she was physically there.

Gu Xijiu stood there for a while. Many people pa.s.sed her, but none of them realized that she was there. Was she dreaming or had her soul detached from her physical body?

Gu Xijiu was confused. She seemingly remembered that she was drinking in the village and had returned to her house to sleep. How did she get here? She looked around and thought of something.

The wedding hall was cleared, and the red ribbons had been removed. However, was the bridechamber still decorated? Perhaps, it had been returned to its original appearance too.

Strangely enough, she suddenly realized that she was inside a red bridechamber.

She was stunned for a few seconds before finally slowly looking around the chamber. The decoration in the bridechamber was terrific, and it was beyond her imagination!

There were several cla.s.sic and vintage furniture which was made from a specific type of wood that she had never seen before. There were wonderful patterns carved on the wood, and it looked like a wave under a luminous pearl.

There was a part.i.tion with a scenery painting right in front of the door. Even though it was just a typical painting, it looked three dimensional as though it was real. It was significant enough to refresh one's mind, and it was as though Gu Xijiu was able to enter a whole new world when she took a step forward into the painting.

There was a red carpet underneath her feet. However, it looked pretty new, and it felt as soft as a cloud. It was as though she was stepping on a red cloud!

There was a crystal seash.e.l.l on the table, and a light pinkish luminous pearl sat inside the sh.e.l.l. The pearl was shining which made the chamber look like a magic land.

The most eye-catching object inside the chamber was the big bed as its size was double the size of a regular queen-sized bed. The bed drapes were red too. It was made from soft chiffon. The tiny ta.s.sels and equal sized pearls formed a picture of a pair of cuddling Mandarin Ducks. The drapes swayed as though they were red clouds in the sky when the wind blew.

Gu Xijiu slowly walked towards the bed. She recognized it! It was the one Di Fuyi had ordered in the sea market based on his design! She finally got to see it. The bed frame was made from a semi-transparent light pinkish jade, and it formed a specific pattern. Overall, the bed gave a cozy feeling.

She was stunned as she stood there and remembered that they had argued for a long time when he decided to make the order. She had wanted a water bed, but he insisted that the one he designed was more practical. Now, she realized that his design was indeed better than what she had thought.

She could hardly breathe, and her heart felt as though it had sunk to the bottom of the ocean. She could not help but open the bed drapes as she wanted to see what was inside. However, she could not grab anything and her hand went through the bed drape. She slumped onto the bed and fell onto the soft quilt and even rolled several rounds...

She was stunned for a second and quickly looked at the quilt as she got up. There was an embroidery of a pair of Mandarin Ducks playing in the water, and a few fishes were swimming nearby a lotus flower. The quilt was made from the silk produced by the mermaid and silkworms. She was amazed by the unique embroidery, as well as the soft materials which felt as soft and warm as the clouds...

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