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Chapter 1281: They Had Regained Hope Of Escaping
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Luo Zhanyu continued, "Oh right! Xijiu, as you know, Celestial Master Zuo was the one responsible for trapping everyone here, so, his name is a taboo here, and n.o.body bothers mentioning him. The men hated him while the ladies had a love-hate feeling towards him. I guess the girls must hate him more than they love him now after being trapped here for so many years. So, it's better not to mention about him to avoid any unnecessary conflicts."

Gu Xijiu nodded. She was not interested in sharing her secrets with anyone. Hence, she decided to keep everything about him and her a secret and did not share it with anyone else.

She began the acupuncture treatment again. Her treatment was quite effective. It was already nightfall when she finished the second treatment, and Luo Zhanyu's legs could finally move a little. Though he was unable to stand, he could slowly move his legs.


The sky was getting darker, and there was a campfire under a tree. A variety of meats were being grilled above the fire, and everyone was singing and dancing around the fire.

It was the only entertainment that they had in the place. They would organize such a gathering twice a month to motivate themselves as well as to improve their interactions with each other.

However, there was an exception this time around. It was organized on the 10th day of the month as it was a celebration for their leader! They celebrated the fact that Luo Zhanyu was finally able to stand!

It was exactly like what Gu Xijiu had promised, and Luo Zhanyu recovered after the third treatment. Everyone applauded and cheered during the moment Luo Zhanyu threw away his cart and slowly stood up! It was a miracle! Gu Xijiu had performed another miracle!

From the villagers' point of view, the miracle that had been performed by Gu Xijiu was not as simple as healing a patient. She became everyone's hope. Yes, they had regained their hope of escaping from the area.

Though it was a forbidden place, the village was rich in spiritual energy. Furthermore, not only did the unusual fruits that were growing on the tree fill their stomachs, but it also changed their physique and allowed them to practice more efficiently. The occasional attacks from wild animals gave them an opportunity to fight so that they never stayed in their comfort zone for too long. Hence, they were able to improve their spiritual power and martial arts. One year of practicing in the village was equivalent to three years of practicing in the outside world, and it was also the reason why there were so many elites here. It was very common for them to possess a spiritual power of level seven or eight.

In fact, they never gave up on looking for a way out. It was just that they could not find any clues leading to the exit. However, three years ago, someone saw a golden sentence carved into one of the trees while he was out harvesting, 'See the sky again when all nine are back as one'.

The sentence was like a Buddhist allegorical hint. Everyone agreed on one conclusion after several days of studying and discussion. They a.s.sumed that the sentence meant they would be able to find the way out when all of them had achieved a spiritual power of level nine.

However, all of them knew that it was challenging to upgrade themselves to level nine through practice. There were less than ten people on the continent who had managed to achieve a spiritual power of level nine.

Besides that, they must have been the elite of the elites and geniuses in terms of knowledge. They were only able to achieve a spiritual power of level nine after taking the right medicine to aid them.

Everyone possessed the first two requirements, but they had no idea where to get the pills. They had brought along some pills when they first arrived, but they had already finished it during the first few years!

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