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Chapter 1278: There Are No Rivers To One Who Has Crossed The Ocean
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She regarded the matter dismissively. There were no candidates that are suitable anymore.

There are no rivers to one who has crossed the ocean, and no clouds to one who has pa.s.sed Mount Wu These two lines are not ba.n.a.l poetry, but a sincere portrayal of the human heart.

She liked Di Fuyi. Even though she has already left him, her affection for him has not diminished by one bit. She felt that it would be hard to fall out of love with him, and she would not be able to accept anybody else's heart.

She could only leave everything to time. Maybe, just maybe, her heart would change sometime in the future, and she would be able to forget all of this. However, she did not want to talk about anything relating to relationships right now!

Luo Zhanyu was astute in his comment, "Xijiu, is there someone else you have in mind?"

She did not want to converse about it, so she tried to change the topic. She raised her head and looked forward. "Hey, I've found a medicinal herb that we need!" She rose her body up and flew toward the nearby cliff.

Their expedition of collecting medicinal herbs was very successful. Both of them were highly proficient in their abilities and quick in their reflexes. Although that Shielded-Snake was an extremely vicious level seven beast, it could only proffer its bones to the duo when it stumbled across them in bad luck

After gathering all the medicinal herbs and materials together, Gu Xijiu went to the furnace and proceeded to refine the proposed drugs. As others had refined drugs in secret chambers and carefully concealed their techniques and methods, Gu Xijiu's act of distilling drugs in her little abode openly and brazenly had attracted quite a crowd.

Gu Xijiu had always demanded the best in everything she did—it was the same with refining drugs. After the completion of the refinement and removal of the lid of the furnace, the crowd saw a sixth-grade pill, three fifth-grade pills, two third-grade pills, and the rest were first-grade pills.

The people in the crowd were ingenious figures who were no strangers to the sight of pills, but the pills that they usually prescribed or consumed were third-grade pills. To them, fifth-grade pills were an exquisite rarity, while they have never even seen a sixth-grade pill before!

Therefore, when the refinement of the furnace of pills was complete, the crowd broke out into a rapture—everyone was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with exhilaration!

They finally had an alchemist of their own, and one that was so adept as well! They would not need to worry about any injuries and diseases anymore!

Luo Zhanyu decided at the moment to a.s.sign Gu Xijiu the task of healing ailments and refining pills and nothing else; the duty of picking herbs and whatnot would be delegated to others— she would only need to refine two furnaces of pills each day.

Naturally, everyone else did not object and showed extreme support for this decision. Some have even noted that Gu Xijiu's house was a bit too decrepit, suggesting that she needed one that was newer and bigger for her convenience to refine pills.

They thereby took it upon themselves to construct another abode for her. Though it was not too exquisite, it was much more comfortable and s.p.a.cious than the previous one.

Gu Xijiu felt quite surreal when she lay on the bed in her big new house. She took a look at her hand. There was nothing on her fingers; the ring that she had worn for several months had already vanished into nothingness. Every time she looked at the emptiness of her fingers she was reminded of a certain void in her heart.

Maybe this was her settling down? He would look for her for some time, right? She had initially worried about how to avoid him when she escaped, but there was no need to be concerned about that anymore.

Maybe it was a divine arrangement that she was trapped here, not to let her have the room for any remorse and any chance to be entangled with him again.

It has already been five days since then. Di Fuyi might have already given up searching. Maybe this was for the best! She closed her eyes. After waiting for the familiar soreness in her heart to abate, she began counting sheep to sleep.

For the past few days she had difficulty sleeping and could only rest by counting sheep, but tonight she found it easy to drift off into slumber. She then dreamed of him that night.

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