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Chapter 1248: Am I Beautiful?
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"I arrived not too long ago…" Gu Xijiu answered. She leaned against his arm and enjoyed the familiar scent of his body. Her emotions were deeply affected as she enjoyed his hug and was very reluctant to leave him. She cuddled him. "I miss you."

Di Fuyi held her hand tightly as he laughed. "It is a rare sight to see you being so girly." He touched her hand and her little face.

Both her hands and face were freezing. Di Fuyi frowned as he guided her away from the ice palace. "You are so cold. Let's go to my house to warm your body up."

Gu Xijiu replied, "As the moon is shining so brightly tonight, I want to take a walk with you instead."

Di Fuyi looked up at crescent moon in the sky. He laughed at her remark. "Are you sure the moon is bright?"

Gu Xijiu also looked up at the sky and saw that the crescent moon was casting a pale light. She coughed and tried correcting herself. "It is not necessary for us to only enjoy a full moon. The crescent moon is also nice too. What's wrong? Don't you want to take a walk with me? Alright, I will leave now." She tried struggling out from his arms.

Di Fuyi pulled her closer. "Alright, let's go."


It was a starry night, and there was a hill behind Fucang Hall. At first, the mountain was not well known. However, it had become very famous in the continent with the existence of Fucang Hall, and it was referred to as Fucang Hill.

The ice house where Gu Xijiu's original body was sealed was located on top of Fucang Hill because it was the place with the most abundant amount of spiritual power.

There was a pathway leading up to the ice house from Fucang Hall. The path was made from greenstone, and the end of the road could not be seen in the dark.

Along the pathway, there were weeds on both sides. The weather on top of the hill was slightly warm as it was currently spring, and the weeds were getting greener. Both of them exchange pleasantries while walking.

The night wind was quite cold. Gu Xijiu looked at Di Fuyi who was wearing his pajamas. Though it was just an ordinary pair of pajamas, he looked like a G.o.d when he wore it.

"Are you feeling cold?" She was concerned about him.

Di Fuyi could not help but giggle again. He pulled her into his arm and said, "Yes, I am cold. Please, warm me up."

Even though his clothes were quite thin, his arm felt warm. Gu Xijiu was rather cold at first, but now she felt like she was about to sweat after Di Fuyi had hugged her.

She looked at him and spoke, "It seems you have recovered pretty well. How many percent of your spiritual power has been restored?"

He had been recuperating for almost two months; basically, he was fully recovered.

"I am almost fully recovered." Di Fuyi glanced at her and continued, "You have reached a spiritual power of level eight!"

Gu Xijiu struggled out from his arms and asked him in a serious tone, "Am I beautiful?"

She was well dressed today. She had a pair of shiny eyes, and her lips were dewy. She was wearing a blue dress, and the dress portrayed her curvy body very well. Her waist was thin and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were plump. She could easily attract any man with such a body figure.

Di Fuyi suppressed his desire and said, "You are wonderful my baby! I never knew that your body figure was this good!"

Gu Xijiu chuckled. "Are you fascinated by this body? I never thought that my outlook was important to you." She seemed to recall something and sighed. "You are also preserving my original body quite well. If it matures well, it will become a beautiful lady too."

Di Fuyi paused for a while before replying, "Of course it will be very beautiful."

Perhaps the ambiance was too good, and she would like to try it again.

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