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Chapter 1246: It Was Considered As A Compensation To Her
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Meanwhile, in this world, she was but a helper to train someone else's body. Perhaps Di Fuyi had only given her special treatment because of the empress of the mermaids. Anyhow, it seemed like she was always the subst.i.tute for someone else!

She lightly patted her cheek and wondered how she ended up with a similar fate.

After she had calmed herself down by sitting under the chilling weather for about half an hour, she stood up and teleported to the ice house. It was there that she found something new in front of the ice house as compared to a few days ago.

Four ice statues now surrounded the ice house. They were the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Sparrow and Black Tortoise. The four ice statues worked as the gatekeepers and stood around the crystal coffin forming an enchanted formation.

Her original body was lying quietly inside the crystal coffin. Her face looked fresh, and there was a shining crystal ball inside her mouth. It must be the "Beauty Pearl" that was mentioned by the king of mermaids just now. The crystal was able to preserve the body's life without needing the big mussel to guard it. The big mussel and the rest of them were shocked by Gu Xijiu's presence as she had arrived using her teleportation technique. It took them some time to realize that it was Gu Xijiu. The three beasts ran towards her and shouted, "Master!"

"Master, why are you here? I thought that you were supposed to be separated from Celestial Master Zuo for two weeks since you were going to marry him. Weren't you only allowed to meet on the actual wedding day? Why are you here so suddenly? Do you miss him or us?" The big mussel bombarded her with questions.

Gu Xijiu patted its head and replied, "I am here to visit all of you."

The big mussel sounded regretful. "Celestial Master Zuo just left not too long ago. If you had come earlier, you would have met him."

Gu Xijiu laughed. "Don't worry. I came to visit all of you."

She looked at Lu Wu which intimately lied on her arm and rubbed its hair on her body. "You have gained weight after only a few days!"

Lu Wu groaned and continued licking her palm.

The big mussel was very talkative and kept whining beside her, "Master, do you think your original body is now prettier than before? This is the Beauty Pearl that was personally sent by the king of the mermaids. It is such a precious gift that can stop a body from decaying and also aid blood circulation so that the body's spiritual power can maintain its standard. It's as though your body is meditating with the aid of this crystal and it does not require us to guard it anymore."

It then brought Gu Xijiu to the front of the statues and said, "According to Celestial Master Zuo, these spiritual beasts helps to absorb the surrounding spiritual force and channel it into the crystal coffin."

Gu Xijiu looked at the statues. She knew that the four spiritual beasts represented four directions. Though she had never seen such an enchanted formation before, she could sense the raging spiritual force inside the house. It was indeed a lot more potent than before.

Beauty Pearl... spiritual beast formation… It seemed like Di Fuyi had put a lot of effort to preserve the body. Sadly, the body was not prepared for her but instead his former fiancé.

Gu Xijiu stopped herself from thinking about it. She did not want to compete with someone who was already dead. If sequence mattered, the empress of mermaids was queued in front of her, and she was supposed to be the one who was jealous Gu Xijiu. She was sure that Di Fuyi loved her.

But he also liked the former empress of the mermaids. Perhaps, she was his true love. Otherwise, he would not be looking for methods to find the right body for her to come back to her life over these past few thousand years.

He liked them both. Perhaps both of them were equally important to him, which was why he felt guilty to her and sincerely wanted to marry her. It was considered as a compensation to her.

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