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Luo Zhanyu was worried, as she looked so vulnerable and yet tried to be strong. He could not stop his tears from rolling down his eyes.

He did not wish to see her being so exhausted, so he tried to make her leave and go for a good rest. He even promised that he would personally stay to look after Di Fuyi, making sure that nothing would ever happen to him while he was there.

Gu Xijiu was thoroughly exhausted, but she understood herself well. She would not fall asleep even if she returned to her own bed. She would only have peace of mind if she stayed.

It would not be a good idea to move Di Fuyi around at the moment, as his wounds would be once again affected.

She thought about it and decided to ask the mussel to move her bed here. She wanted to sleep here.

Luo Zhanyu could not change her mind, so he had to agree.

The beds were placed side by side. She could see his face every time she opened her eyes. Gu Xijiu could finally relax a little. She told Luo Zhanyu to look after him properly while she rested for a while.

Gu Xijiu would generally easily fall asleep as long as she was in her own bed. However, she could not sleep even when she was lying in her own bed now. When she finally did, she had a dream that Di Fuyi was dead and immediately woke up from the nightmare.

The first thing she did was to check on Di Fuyi's expression. He did not seem to change.

She was very desperate. It had been eight hours since the operation ended. He should be awake by now.

Moreover, he had the body of a G.o.d, so there was no logical reason why he would stay unconscious for so long.

She recalled the nightmare where he was dead and was immediately anxious. He would not die just like this, would he?

She refused to accept his death.

She was the most skillful doctor around here. If she were unsure about it, n.o.body else would possibly understand it. She wanted to ask the firmament stone, but there was no possible means of communication.


Three days!

Di Fuyi had been unconscious for three days!

His wounds had begun to recover, which was a good sign. However, Gu Xijiu was still unusually worried, as he was still deeply unconscious.

She had not gotten any rest at all. She had been by his side for the past three days to observe his condition.

Certainly, she had tried every way that she could, with every bit of knowledge that she had. However, Di Fuyi was in a vegetative state, with no sign of waking up.

As time went by, she became more and more depressed.

It was another night. She looked at his sleeping face as she contemplated her own depression. If he stayed like this forever, what was she going to do?

She held onto his hand firmly. "Di Fuyi, are you trying to punish me? Punish me for not being able to save you promptly? I am wrong, alright? Wake up and look at me. You must be here to talk to me, right? But you refuse to wake up. Di Fuyi, I will listen to your explanation if you wake up. It is you who should be sorry. It is you who adores another woman, which is why I chose to quit. So why are you here then? Di Fuyi, I don't understand. I don't understand what you are thinking."

She sounded upset. "Wake up and talk to me!"

He seemed to have no sign of waking up, so she began to feel the frustration. "If you do not talk to me now, I will never listen to you ever again! You don't wish that I save others first, do you? I will do the complete opposite of what you wish for."

She continued furiously and did not see that Di Fuyi's finger had just moved a little.

She had to talk a lot to get him out of his vegetative state. In the past three days, Gu Xijiu had become exceptionally talkative, even though she did not usually like to talk much.

"Never mind, it does not matter anymore if you refuse to wake up," Gu Xijiu added. She wanted to leave and get herself a gla.s.s of water.

When she stood up, she could feel that her clothes was clung to something. There was a weak voice coming from behind. "Don't you dare walk away!"

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