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Chapter 1149: I Don't Want To Think About It!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She was a bit impatient and shouted towards the direction of the water, "Hey! Come up! You don't have to tell me any stories anymore. I will give you the fish…" However, nothing happened, and the lake remained calm.

Would he die inside the water?

Gu Xijiu suddenly panicked. She tried calling for Di Fuyi a few more times, but she still could not see him.

He looked weak based on his physical appearance. Gu Xijiu had noticed that his face looked pale these couple of days whenever she saw him. Had he been starved for a few days? If she knew earlier, she would not have threatened him or withheld the fish. She regretted her actions.

Finally, she could not stand it and jumped into the lake. The lake was relatively shallow, so she was able to reach the bottom of it fairly quickly. She tried her best to look around the bottom of the lake.

The water inside the lake was very clear. Gu Xijiu could see the fish swimming around, but there was no sign of Di Fuyi. She swam about three to four laps around the lake but could not find anything, so she went back to the sh.o.r.e.

She was anxious. She tried looking around for Di Fuyi but realized soon enough that she was the only one left in this world. She was still holding the fish in her hand. She felt like crying. "Hey, come out! I will give you the fish…"

Suddenly, she had an idea. She thought that it was because of his obsession for cleanliness so she added, "I can fish a new fish for you and grill it. It will be even more delicious than this one…" However, Di Fuyi still did not show up.

The fog around her was growing thicker again, and it gradually surrounded her.

Earlier on, she had a good view of the landscape and the rippling water on the surface of the lake. However, at this very moment, everything was gradually disappearing just like a mirage. Her world felt empty and dull again.

She was nervous and kept wondering to herself whether Di Fuyi had drowned inside the lake. It seemed impossible as he was someone with exceptional abilities.

All this time, he had been protecting her like a guardian inside her dream and had helped her overcome all kinds of disaster. There was not a single time that he had left her alone. He was always successful in overcoming every disaster or obstacle that they had encountered in this foggy place. Deep inside Gu Xijiu's heart, she felt that Di Fuyi's abilities were far more superior as compared to Mo Zhao's. He also seemed way more responsible than him.

Di Fuyi had helped Gu Xijiu so much over the past two days. Today, he only asked for a fish from her, but she had threatened him with it. Gu Xijiu felt remorse.

She also felt like she had wronged him. She had not intended to do so. She just wanted him to tell her some stories about herself, and now he had disappeared!

It had never happened before in her dream. She did not want to give up and started walking around to search for Di Fuyi in the fog.

She heard a sound speaking to her from within the fog, "Xijiu, you have to discover it yourself. The fog will disappear as long as you are determined enough to find it out. You will regain your memories in due time…"

The voice seemed to reach her ears, but in fact, it came from her heart. She opened her eyes widely upon hearing the sound. It was Di Fuyi's voice!

He was alright and was advising her to regain her memory. Was he going to leave? d.a.m.n it, how could he leave her?

"I don't want to think about it! I don't want to!" She cried.

However, there was no further response from him. The place went quiet again.

She felt fear and anger at the same time. She muttered, "I don't want to! I don't want!" Although Gu Xijiu kept insisting that she did not want to think about it, she was getting more and more afraid of being lost in the fog so she could not help but start concentrating.

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