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Chapter 1148: He Is Not! You Are Lying!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

During their first meeting, Di Fuyi had attempted to tell her about her past. However, she said to him that she did not have a past as she was a clone. She even accused him of being a bad guy who was trying to coax her. Was she finally starting to believe him?

Gu Xijiu was confused too. She thought that Mo Zhao would never lie to her. However, she subconsciously knew that the man in front of her was reliable, so she said, "I want to listen to what you have to say but will only decide later if you are telling the truth."

Oddly enough, Di Fuyi did not want to tell her about her past. "I think it is better for you to find the answer yourself." No matter how vividly he told her about her past, she would not have a sense of belonging to it. It would be better for her to discover it by herself.

Gu Xijiu was annoyed. "I always end up getting a headache when I try to find out more about myself. As soon as I start thinking about my past, I would get a headache! It is okay if you don't want to tell me. Even if you did tell me, I might not have believed you. If the things you said is true, it means that Brother Zhao is lying…"

Mo Zhao was the only one she believed now but what if everything he had told her was fake? The world she knew would collapse, and so she instinctively resisted thinking about it.

Di Fuyi secretly clenched his fists. Whenever he heard her address Mo Zhao as 'Brother Zhao', he felt like killing someone. He was very frustrated by the sound of these two words!

Di Fuyi tried to contain his frustrations and sat there quietly.

Gu Xijiu waited patiently for him to speak. In fact, she was still hoping that he would reveal her past to her, even though she might not believe him. However, he kept quiet and did not speak any further. She grew frustrated and decided not to give the fish to him after it was cooked. Instead, she cooled the fish down.

Di Fuyi stretched out his hand towards her. "Have you finished cooking it? I am famished!"

However, Gu Xijiu did not pa.s.s the fish to him. "Entertain me first and then I will give you the fish."

"Uh, how am I supposed to entertain you?"

"Tell me a story about my past, okay?"

Di Fuyi firmly shook his head. "No, you need to recall it by yourself!"

Gu Xijiu was angry. "If you don't tell, I won't give you the fish!"

Di Fuyi looked at the fish in her hand before shifting his attention to her. "It would not do you any good if I told you. Moreover, you don't believe me, so I don't want to waste my effort to tell you. I am hungry and thirsty now…"

Gu Xijiu replied, "How would you know that I won't be able to recall anything after you have told me? Perhaps I can recall something if you told me?"

Di Fuyi paused. "What if I tell you that Brother Zhao was, in fact, a bad guy who had hurt you and he is also the one responsible for your loss of memory?"

Gu Xijiu was stunned and subconsciously retorted, "He is not! You are lying!"

Di Fuyi waved his hand. "I have nothing to say then."

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She was outraged. "You are trying to sow discord! I don't want to give you the fish anymore!" She then proceeded to eat the fish.

Di Fuyi remained silent.

Gu Xijiu was in fact just trying to threaten him. She had no intention of eating the fish, so after she took a few bites, she looked at him.

When she looked at his pale lips, she felt pain in her heart. She coughed and said, "If you tell me a short story that is true, I will give you the fish."

Di Fuyi looked down and smiled. He stood up and gently sighed. "Well I guess I will go and catch a fish by myself. I am starving and thirsty…" He then jumped into the lake beside him.

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She was still holding the fish still in her hand. She was not hungry and never thought of eating the fish. She just wanted to annoy him, but she never expected that things would turn out this way.

Though she had waited for him on the sh.o.r.e for a long time, she never saw him come back out of the water.

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