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Chapter 1109: She Had Guessed It Correctly
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Long Fan took a look around the teahouse and did not find anyone suspicious. He had finally regained his composure from his outrage earlier and did not want to make any mistakes again. Hence, he instructed his two followers to find Long Siye. He had a feeling that Long Siye was hiding among those who were fighting right now.

Gu Xijiu was enjoying the view as though she was looking at a diorama. Yearning for more, she stood up unwillingly when the fight finally came to an end and murmured, "The fights of this era are no different than the ones on television. This town is boring!"

She left the teahouse and tried to hire a carriage at the inn. She asked the owner of the wagon, "Where is the closest and the most affluent city from here?"

The owner provided her with the name of the place, and she nodded. "Good, I will go there to have a look. I cannot wear this for no reason. It will be great to get acquainted with the customs of other lands." She then entered the carriage. She seemed excited to go for another outing.

Long Fan watched her in secret. He thought that Gu Xijiu might have regained some of her lost memory, so he was desperate to find her. To his surprise, she only escaped because she wanted to find out more about this continent. Was he overthinking?

He kept on tailing the carriage for at least half an hour, but he still could not see anyone coming to take her away. Eventually, he felt that there was no point in tailing her anymore. He suddenly made an appearance in front of the carriage. Before the owner could react and question him, he shifted swiftly and was already inside the carriage.

Gu Xijiu was freshening herself up with her eyes closed. She seemed to be surprised to see him in the carriage. She shifted with an attempt to teleport, but Long Fan immediately held her shoulder back down as he already saw it coming. "Still want to run?"

Gu Xijiu continued to play dumb with the disguise on her face. "Who are you? Why are you stopping me?"

Long Fan smiled and took out a bottle from his storage bag. He poured it onto her and wiped her face despite her struggles. Her true ident.i.ty was revealed, and a mirror was then put in front of her. "Gu Xijiu, are you still planning to play dumb?"

Gu Xijiu puckered her lips and gave up. Scornfully, she looked at him with cold eyes. "How did you find me? I have disguised myself and also destroyed all my traces along the way."

"How do you think?"

Gu Xijiu closed her eyes slightly. "I cannot guess it. Is it possible that you have installed some tracker in my body?"

Long Fan was at a loss for words. She had guessed it correctly!

However, Gu Xijiu denied herself quickly and dismissed the idea. "It should not be, I have changed my attire entirely and even washed my hair…"

Long Fan sighed and slowly enlightened her with some information. "You and Long Siye, the one who ran away with you, are mine." From his words, he seemed like he was trying to implicate that Long Siye had betrayed her.

Gu Xijiu was shocked and did not say anything more. There was a look of uncertainty about true and false in her eyes.

"What about Long Siye? Didn't he come along with you?"

With a cold smile, she responded, "We parted ways at some point in our journey. Since he is also one of your men, how can you not know his whereabouts?"

Long Fan did not know what to say. He then sighed. "He is a failed clone. "

I wanted to resurrect Long Xi. Maybe he knew that a failed clone like him would soon be disposed of, so he had to run away as soon as possible. How could you follow his tracks!?"

Gu Xijiu responded confidently. "I do not want to get trapped in the place where I can no longer see the sun. I have wanted to go out and see the world, but my request has been constantly rejected. Coincidentally, Long Siye offered me a chance, saying that he had ways to escape, so we decided to work together. We parted ways not long after we left the palace. He did not tell you about my whereabouts, did he?"

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