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Chapter 1108: True Or False?
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Xijiu was an expert a.s.sa.s.sin in her past life. She could instantly tell that the foreign matter behind her heart was a tracker.

It was attached to her flesh somewhere below her ribs. However, it was not powered by her vessels and was not involved in her blood circulation. She could not possibly extract it without carrying out an operation. The main problem was that there was no time and s.p.a.ce for her to carry out the procedure at such an intense moment. It also meant that Long Fan would be able to find her within half an hour. He was such a brilliant lunatic!

At this moment, Di Fuyi was in a city about a thousand miles away from her. There was nothing that she could use to get in touch with him. Even if she could contact him, she would already be caught again when he finally came to her rescue.

Long Siye's possessions were utterly stripped away from him when they first captured him in the hidden lab. His small storage s.p.a.ce only had necessities which included some fireworks for him to contact his disciples and some voice recording amulets. He had to summon his sound-transmitting bird so it could help him convey his voice recording amulets to his disciples.

Unfortunately, the surrounding place was bleak and desolate. It was also scorching hot. The sound transmitting bird was fond of the cold and would not prefer to brave the sweltering heat. Therefore, the place had no trace of the bird at all. He would not be able to summon it even if he tried.

"We have to go separate ways! I will go to the east and you the south! You have to find a way to get in touch with Headmaster Gu and Di Fuyi. They have to come here and destroy the man's basecamp. You do not have to take me into your consideration. Long Fan will not kill me even after I am recaptured…" Gu Xijiu quickly instructed.

Going on parted ways would be his greatest chance of escape. If they went on together, both of them might get caught again, and they would not be able to spread the word to the outside world. Parting seemed like the only solution.

Long Siye was frozen. As the leader of an entire clan, he could certainly understand the advantages and disadvantages in the above matter, but that would mean letting her get caught again, alone.

Gu Xijiu thought that he would try to discourage her, and she was mentally prepared to convince him. To her surprise, he agreed without hesitation. "Alright!"

Both of them acted immediately without wasting any time. Long Siye ran straight towards the southern direction, and Gu Xijiu continued to move toward the east.

Kuliu Town was located a few hundred miles east of the active volcano. Due to the effects of the volcano, the weather here was burning hot throughout the year. It was comparable to the villages located around the volcano at Xin Jiang.

Kuliu Town was not heavily populated and was rather poor. It was technically a no man's land with no jurisdiction. The people grew to become more aggressive due to the bad living environment. Therefore, gangsters came into existence and would trigger armed fights from time to time. The battles would take place on the streets, and often involved random heavy bloodshedding, no different than a typical gang fight.

When Long Fan finally arrived at her location, he saw that she was having tea at a teahouse in an inn. She was sitting next to the window and quietly enjoying the sight of an armed fight with great interest.

She had spent some time and effort to change her attire into a dirty-faced village girl covered in ragged clothes. There was no way one could tell about how she used to look.

Long Fan was taken by surprise. He thought that Gu Xijiu would only stop to catch her breath before continuing the run, as the place was not entirely safe for her. Unexpectedly, she was here enjoying her tea, completely laid-back.

What about Long Siye? Shouldn't he be with her? Had he transformed into someone else to hide?

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