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The pill was, in fact, one of Long Fan's newest creations. It could partially nullify the poison of the Sweet Heart pill so that he would not smell like a corpse anymore to Gu Xijiu.

Long Fan explained, "My Great Lord, her intelligence will also improve slightly after she has consumed the pill. Moreover, I am her creator, and I think that it is not a good thing for me to smell like a corpse to her. Rest a.s.sured, she will remain the same even after she has taken the pill and it will not impact your plans. She will still like you all the same."

Mo Zhao continued playing with the pill. Suddenly he asked, "Long Fan, do you like her?"

Long Fan's was stunned, but he remained calm and said, "She is my proudest creation. Of course, I like her…"

"Do you like her romantically?" Mo Zhao continued to ask.

Long Fan was stunned. "Uh…. No… The feeling is like father and daughter…" He was not confident when he replied.

Mo Zhao glanced at him. His voice was cold. "It will be the best if you think of it this way. Long Fan, she was made by you, she will be my wife in the future. Therefore, she is considered as your master as well. Hence it is alright even if you smell like a corpse to her. Please keep your distance from her in the future. If you want to look for her, you should ask me to come along with you. She will only listen to you if I am around. As for this pill, I don't think there is a need for her to eat it." He pinched his finger, and the light blue pill disappeared into thin air.

Long Fan felt even more disappointed now. Mo Zhao was not even trying to hide his suspicion towards him anymore. However, he knew that he should not say anything now, so he reluctantly agreed with him.

Perhaps Mo Zhao was worried that Long Fan would feel too disappointed with him, so he patted his shoulder. "Long Fan, you have always been my most loyal subordinate. I hope that we do not get suspicious of each other. If you continue to perform your tasks well, I will treat you well too."

"Sure." Long Fan answered, though he secretly sneered in his heart. In fact, Mo Zhao was the one who had suspected him all along.

At first, Mo Zhao had wanted to have a chat with gu Xijiu. However, when he saw that his "tent" had fallen, he gave up. Though it worked this time, it only lasted for about a minute… The effect had worn off, so he thought that he needed to continue eating the medicine.

According to Doctor Li, even if his body had responded to the pill, he should not rush into having s.e.x with a lady, or it would be a waste of effort. He needed to eat three pills which were grade five or above. He should only have s.e.x when he can sustain the effect for about half an hour to ensure that he is completely cured.

He went to see Doctor Li so that he could monitor the pill refining process. Long Fan secretly sneered. He was a brilliant doctor. Even if he did not know the purpose of Mo Zhao borrowing the alchemy furnace from him, he could guess what he was doing with it just by looking at his face.

Sanyang pill! The Great Lord was eating the Sanyang pill!

It was, in fact, an excellent medicine to cure impotence and it was also scarce. If an ordinary person ate it, the man would become strong, and he would have no problem having s.e.x with three ladies. However, it was bad for Mo Zhao as it would destroy the function of his area and it would never recover again.

When Di Fuyi mentioned about the three herbs, Long Fan did not care much about it and chose not to explain to Mo Zhao because he thought that Mo Zhao would not believe a single word from his enemy.

In fact, Long Fan was in the middle of researching a cure to heal his disease.

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