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When Gu Xijiu woke up, she realized that she was submerged in a crystal coffin like a white rat!

Gu Xijiu still had the memories from her childhood, and so she could recognize the lab. It was the mad scientist's lab! She was once submerged in the nutritious solution as well back in her previous life.

She was quick-witted, and so she knew that Long Fan had tricked her and that her soul had been swapped with someone else's!

At the same time, she could sense that she was currently occupying another person's body. Although she wanted to curse Long Fan and his ancestors, she felt that it was better for her to pretend that she knew nothing and hence she decided not to take any further action.

Indeed, she had no idea how many cameras had been installed in the room, but she could sense that she was being watched from every angle of the room and that Long Fan was watching her from a nearby room.

Fortunately, she had heard their conversation while she was still half awake. Hence, she pretended that she had lost all her memory of the current era.

She had to act. She had no choice but to continue putting on an act and pretending that she had gotten amnesia as her body had been swapped and she was in a foreign place. Otherwise, she might have been subjected to more tests and perhaps Long Fan would have even used her as a lab rat for several experiments until she had truly forgotten everything about the current era.

At the moment, she was lying on the bed with her eyes closed, so it was difficult to tell what was on her mind.

Di Fuyi tried very hard to look for the Omen but failed. Coincidentally, Gu Xijiu had shown up at their base camp by accident right after she had suffered a high fever.

Strangely enough, she remembered that Di Fuyi had mentioned before that she could not swap bodies anymore. Otherwise, her soul would disappear. What was going on? She had swapped bodies now, but she did not feel uncomfortable with her current body, and it felt just like it was her own body.

Was it because Ye Hongfeng had stabbed her? Did Ye Hongfeng cast a spell on the knife to make this happen?

Perhaps Long Fan was the culprit who had turned Long Siye against her along with Ye Hongfeng. Otherwise, she would not have woken up in Long Fan's science lab.

The mad scientist was indeed insane and full of fancy strategies.

Meanwhile, Long Siye... Her fists were clenched tightly underneath the blanket. Did he even feel guilty for tricking her!?

What about the soul which had been resurrected inside her body? Who the h*ck was that? Would Di Fuyi recognize that it was a foreign soul?

Since Long Fan was the mastermind behind all these incidents, the soul in her body must be one of The Great Lord's subordinates. No powerful man would recruit a weak employee. If she was also the winner for best actress, Di Fuyi might not be able to recognize that it was someone else and would eventually fall into their trap!

He had yet to recover fully, so it would be a disaster if he accidentally revealed his true ident.i.ty!

Though Gu Xijiu looked calm, deep down inside, her blood was boiling. She could not wait to transform into a gas and escape from this place so that she could reunite with Di Fuyi.

However, it was challenging to escape from this place. Although Gu Xijiu had been following The Great Lord around the palace for half a day, she could not find any hole that resembled an exit!

Based on her observation, the palace was safer and stronger than an iron tank, and it also affected her ability to teleport. She could only teleport less than 20 meters each time, and one of the conditions was that she could not teleport through walls. Therefore, there was almost a zero chance for her to escape.

She did not even have a helping soldier. A foreign soul had possessed her original body, so her only hope was that the great Di Fuyi would recognize this problem. Otherwise, he could have possibly brought her back to his headquarters!

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