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Gu Xijiu scouted around the room. It was her habit as an a.s.sa.s.sin to check her surroundings thoroughly wherever she went. Thus, she noticed that a micro camera was hidden in the s.p.a.ce between the flowers on a giant vase.

She took the micro camera out and squashed it in her palm angrily after letting out a cold laugh. The screen which showed the scene of Gu Xijiu's room was immediately blacked out.

Long Fan took a glimpse and shook his head. He knew that she was smart and careful and so it was impossible for her to overlook the camera.

The Great Lord said as he witnessed what happened. "Long Fan, you were right. Indeed, you are brilliant and aware."

Long Fan said, "I've mentioned before that she was the best a.s.sa.s.sin in the modern era!"

The Great Lord hit on the work dashboard with his paper fan. "Do you think that she had realized the camera ever since she was awake and had pretended to fool the both of us since the beginning?"

Long Fan paused for a second and immediately shook his head. "Impossible! You were observing her behavior ever since she woke up, and the CCTVs we used were invented in this era. Therefore, no one should have seen it before including her. It's highly unlikely that she was acting ever since she woke up. If she still had any memories of this era, she would have been shocked when she first opened her eyes. I believe that her responses and actions are not part of an act."

The Great Lord sighed. "This little girl is as smart as a fox, and many people had been tricked by her before. She had also proved to us before that could make the impossible possible. Perhaps, I should run a few more tests."

Long Fan secretly rolled his eyeb.a.l.l.s as he was agitated. "My Great Lord, are you doubting my capabilities?"

The Great Lord tapped on Long Fan's shoulder with his paper fan. "You're wrong, I'm confident with your capabilities, but I'm worried that she is unique as she was always one to create miracles. Don't worry. I'll not cause any harm to her. I know she's your most precious creation, and so I won't cross the line." He then walked away.

Gu Xijiu lied on the bed with her eyes closed as she silently sighed in her heart.

Was there anyone else who was living a worse life as compared to her?

She was glad that her beloved had finally found her and that they were able to spend some time together in the cave after being apart for so long. Who would have known that her soul would detach from her physical body after a high fever? To make things worse, she even had to watch herself leaving her own body. Though she panicked, there was nothing she could do to stop it. She could only see herself helplessly flying towards the other direction as though someone was pulling her away.

She did not want to leave and felt so fearful that she even wanted to shout as she did not want to die so early. However, she could not make a sound at all regardless of how hard she tried. Even someone who was mute could make a soft sound, but absolutely nothing came from her!

She panicked as was worried that Di Fuyi would be very sad when he found out that she was dead. She was worried he would use forbidden magic to call her soul and this would cause him to consume a lot of his spiritual power.

She wanted to stay there and even tried to resist herself from being pulled by the strange force... However, even before she could try her best to resist, she shockingly saw Di Fuyi trying to wake her up!

She was too shocked by the scene and accidentally let her guard down. The next thing she knew, she was being pulled away by the strange force and blacked out. The last thing she heard was a blurry conversation between Long Fan and The Great Lord while she was still half asleep...

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