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The sound made her even more frustrated and angry until she had an urge to kill every single person in the world.

Suddenly, someone appeared in the distance. Gu Xijiu was so angry that she immediately stabbed the person even though she could not see who it was exactly!

The man managed to grab the tip of the sword, and he shouted, "Xijiu!"

His voice was very familiar. Gu Xijiu raised her head, and her eyes opened widely as she saw his appearance.

The man was wearing a loose white robe with light embroidery. It was a spell-like small dragon embroidery. The white robe looked outstanding in the sea of blood as though it was light shining in the dark. It was The Lord! It was The Lord without his mask!

There was not even a single blood stain on his clean face. One of his hands was holding onto Gu Xijiu's sword as he looked into her eyes. "Xijiu! Wake up!"

The blade of her sword had turned b.l.o.o.d.y after a series of killings. However, the blood slowly faded away, and her blade had turned white and pure now. Later, she noticed that The Lord's palm was bleeding as he was holding the blade of her sword. His blood was able to purify certain objects.

She was stunned as she looked at him. "My Lord? Di Fuyi?"

"It's me, Xijiu. Follow me…" His voice was gentle and attractive. He then stretched his hand to her. "Come on, give me your hand. I'll guide you out."

His palm and fingers were fair and long. It was as though he was a savior in the dark. She was desperate to hold his hand, but... was he a reliable person? All of her friends had appeared this way in front of her as well and promised that they would bring her out. However, all of them had stabbed her in the back when she was unaware!

She looked at his hand with hesitation and desperateness; her gaze even showed signs of exhaustion and weakness.

"Xijiu, don't you trust me anymore?" The Lord asked. "No one wants to hurt you, this is just a nightmare. Come on, give me your hand, I'll guide you out."

The wound caused by the sword was still on his palm. Gu Xijiu felt annoyed and wanted to wrap Di Fuyi's hand. However, she could not do so as she did not dare to hold his hand. Those people who stabbed her had said the same thing that he did.

She was still holding onto her sword, and his fingers had turned pale now. Only her sword would not betray her in the sea of blood, and only the sword could protect her and kill all her enemies.

If someone else had appeared other than him, she would have struck them down immediately! She would not let anyone lie to her again!

But that was him! It was him! She could not do it, but she could not trust him as well.

Both of them looked at each other for a while, Di Fuyi was very patient. "Xijiu, don't you trust me anymore?"

"You're… Di Fuyi…?"


"No! You're a liar!" Gu Xijiu suddenly got mad and shouted, "He's still a kid now! He doesn't look like this! d.a.m.n it! You're lying! You are using his ident.i.ty to trick me!"

She was furious and began to attack him!

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